The Marblehead Model Yacht Club (MMYC) is a non-profit organization comprised of enthusiasts who are dedicated to the sport of model yachting. Our organization is one of the oldest model yacht clubs in America, with origins dating back to 1892. MMYC's mission is to foster an enjoyable environment for sailing, racing, building and designing model yachts.

MMYC is an open organization that welcomes anyone interested in model yachts. Our members race six classes of boats: the International Marblehead Class, the CR 914 One Design, the Vintage Marblehead Class, Dragon boats, and the American Marblehead Class.

To learn more about our sport, visit us at Redd's Pond during one of our events. MMYC sailors generously share information about their boats with guests to help them develop an appreciation for the sport.

Voluntary Contribution: Help preserve the sport of model sailing at Redd's Pond. The club's largest expense is control of Redd's aquatic grass. Racing is impossible when boats are fouled by grass. Please consider a contribution towards this expense. Contributions will be accounted separately from dues and will be used only for Redd's. Send contributions to the club treasurer (payable to Craig Speck).

In the recent past treatments occurred every two to three years (@$2,600 per), unfortunately the club has had to treat the pond the last two years to prevent total overgrowth and allow sailing.

Dues alone won't come close to keeping the pond clear so your contributions are more valuable and necessary than ever.

Please contribute whatever you can. Thank you





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MMYC Annual Meeting

February 15th.

MMYC to host

2020 American M NCR

June 5-7, 2020

2019 American M NCR

June 2,2019


MMYC Welcomes DF95 boats this season

2019 Racing Schedule

2019 MMYC Schedule (to print)

Biff Martin and Tom Hayden win their divisions in 2019 AM NCR!

American Marblehead Class Website

2018 CR914 NCR Website



Standley Goodwin sails to victory and is the 2017 AMYA M National Champ!



1930 Model Yachting booklet







Birthplace of the "Marblehead Class" and home to the new "American Marblehead Class". If it's a Marblehead we sail them!

We also have a large fleet of CR 914s sailing as well as Dragon boats... and International, AMYA Ms.

Anyone interested in learning about, watching, or participating in the sailing of these yachts check out our 2019 schedule under the "Racing Information" tab to see our schedule.

In the schedule you'll see three designations for Marbleheads.

AM American Marblehead Class (encompasses all years)

M is for more modern designs @1990 designs and up.

VM is for Vintage Marbleheads, designs up to @1972. It has two divisions, Traditional and High Flyer.

AM stands for the new American Marblehead which encourages any Marblehead from any era to sail together and be scored according to it's division. Marbleheads from all eras, whether home built or professionally built all share two basic traits. They measure 50 inches long and are allowed 800 square inches of sail.

If you've got a boat 50 inches long bring it to the pond and let our group see what you have.

Come on down and join us!