2016 Modern Marblehead Racing:



M Race #6 07/24/2016

Six skippers showed up for M Race #6. Conditions were light and shifty, but generally came from the north east. Luckily this direction allowed setting a course that avoided the worst of the shallow points in the pond. Twelve races were sailed with one throw out. Biff Martin started by winning the first race and never looked back, eventually winning by nine points. Interestingly all six sailors won at least one race.

Results (Best 11 Races)
1. Biff Martin 19 (5)
2. Stan Goodwin 28 (2)
3. John Whalen 36 (2)
4. Tom Hayden 39 (1)
5. Rich Sbordone 47 (1)
6. Jack Woods 49 (1)



Firecracker Cup Results 07/03/2016

Six sailors appeared on July 3 for the Firecracker Cup. The wind was light and shifty, mostly southwest with bits of north. One throw out was allowed for the depth and algae problems. Neither turned out to be a significant factor. Interestingly everyone but Stan threw out a 5, 6, or 7.

Results (11 Races-best 10)
1. Stan Goodwin 17 (5)
2. Biff Martin 22 (6)
3. Tom Hayden 32
4. Rich Sbordone 38
5. Jack Woods 41
6. Rick Gates 50 (two DNS)


M Class Race #4 Results 06/19/2016

Seven skippers appeared for M Race #4. Racing started out in a fresh Southwest breeze which decreased to a light and shifty breeze as sailing proceeded. Nine races were sailed. Marcel Nyffenegger sailed consistently and avoided the bad race that everyone else had; winning the day.

1. M. Nyffenegger 20 (4)
2. S. Goodwin 23 (3)
3. B. Martin 26 (2)
4. J. Whalen 40
5. T. Hayden 45
6. R. Gates 46
7. J. Woods 52



Roy Clough Cup Results 06/05/2016

Six skippers appeared for the Roy Clough Cup. It was sailed in unpleasant conditions. It drizzled for the whole race. The wind consisted of puffs from various directions interspersed with calm spots. Racing started with light puffs that increased as racing progressed. Eleven races were sailed with one throw-out. The results are for the best ten races for each skipper.

1. S. Goodwin 13 (7)
2. B. Martin 23 (2)
3. J. Woods 34
4. T. Hayden 36 (2)
5. J. Whalen 47
6. R. Sbordone 49



Dexter Goodwin Cup Results 05/01/2016

Seven skippers showed up for the Dexter Goodwin Cup. It began with a reasonably good southerly but then shifted southeasterly and went light. Eight twice around races were sailed. Biff Martin proved that consistency is the key to winning. He scored two firsts and six seconds.

1. Biff Martin 14 (2)
2. Stan Goodwin 19 (4)
3. John Skerry 31 (1)
4. Tom Hayden 35
5. John Whalen 37 (1) Caught fishing line attached to windward mark. Had to be rescued using boat.
6. Rick Gates 42
7. Jack Woods 46


The Duncan Dana Cup (04/17/2016)

"The Duncan Dana Cup was sailed on Sunday, April 17, 2016, in a mostly northeast breeze. Six competitors appeared to vie for the Cup in a twelve race series.

For most of the racing Biff Martin and Standley Goodwin were in close competition and within three points of each other.

In the end Stan won with Biff second. John Collins kept score which was greatly appreciated by the competitors."

By Standley Goodwin


1. Stan Goodwin 20 (5)
2. Biff Martin 25 (6)
3. John Skerry 41
4. Eddie Wolfe 47 (1)
5. Jack Woods 48
6. Rick Gates 72

Net race for this class Dexter Goodwin May 1st, 2016