2017 AMYA Marblehead National Championship

Official results showing points will be published as soon as they become available.

The following pictures were taken following the lunch break on the second day.

The poor picture quality is the result of pond scum on my phone's camera lens after

I fell in the pond!

Order of finish:

Standley Goodwin 1st

Ralph Pappas 2nd

Ben "Biff" Martin 3rd

John Whalen 4th

Eddie wolfe 5th

Tom Hayden 6th

Jack Woods 7th

Eddie Wolfe Sr. 8th



Ralph Pappas' beautiful and fast (orange) M from Long Island, NY.

Stan Goodwin's winning boat

Rick Gates (bench), Stan, John Whalen, Tom Hayden, Eddie Wolfe, and Eddie Wolfe Sr.

The fleet heading upwind, Biff out front

Heading upwind

Biff and Stan

The boys walking to windward. Biff, Ralph, Stan, and John.

The top three finishers doing their thing.

Standley Goodwin winning another championship.

Father and son

The following "clear" photos were taken by Craig Speck.