2018 CR914 Racing Results:


8 boats raced in the first races of the 2018 season on Sunday April 8. Weather was cool but full sunshine, an ENE good breeze (8 to 12 knots) was consistent except at both ends of the pond where the usual abnormalities in velocity and direction occurred.  The course started at the green starting line was used and went to the Standley Marks at the Eastern End of the pond, returning to a gate at the Western end of the pond  and finishing at the green Marks.

Racing was competitive with 5 of the 8 boats getting at least one 1st. Results Follow.

1st         Biff Martin             14 pts   4-1sts
2nd       Tom Hayden          16 pts   3-1sts
3rd        Stewart Neff          26 pts   1-1st
4th        John Collins          27 pts   1-1st
5th        Rick Gates            34 pts   
6th        Bill Hooper            40 pts   1-1st
7th       Jack Woods           41 pts   
8th       Craig Speck           44 pts

Race # 2 of the CR 914 Red Robin series is this Sunday April 15th starting at 10:00

Note; The 1st race of the American M Class is on Saturday  April 14 starting at 1:00

Reminder: Club dues need to be paid so that you will be scored in the race for the series championship.

Craig Speck


CR914 Nationals at Redd's Pond August 24-26, 2018

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