2019 American M Racing Results



Race #1

Five skippers showed up to race and four made it to the starting line (Alain Jousse had a winch problem), as racing proceded

Biff and Bill Davis had DNFs due to mechanical issues; therefore there were only six scored races.



1st. Tom Hayden #3050 5 pts. Assassin

2nd. Jack Woods #14 14 pts. Starkers 2

3rd. Biff Martin #06 19 pts. Pinter 3.0

4th. Bill Davis #08 23 pts. Piranha



Race #3



!st. Biff Martin #06 12 pts. Pinter 3.0

2nd. Rick Laird #21 19 pts. Pinter 2.5

3rd. Jack Woods #14 22 pts. Starkers 2

4th. Jerry Leach #2600 23 pts. Spot

5th. Rick Gates #1967 32 pts. Bone

6th. Tom Hayden #3050 36 pts. (tied, 2 firsts), mechanical problems Assassin

7th. Alain Jousse #049 36 pts. Custom




American Marblehead 2019 NCR

2019 American Marblehead National Championship Regatta

The NCR began with a very light Northeasterly breeze with a receding fog over the pond.  Thirteen skippers from four states participated, some of which were former national champs and AMYA Hall of Famers.  Racing prior to the lunch break was at times very trying, as the breeze would sometimes all but disappear.  Patience, and steady thumbs paid dividends ultimately.  Racing after the break picked up in intensity as a decent breeze filled in more often than naught.
Boat designs sailed included Madcap, Sun Wind, Spot, Sylvan, Starkers Squared, 110, Cumulus, Assassin, Pinter 2.0, Pinter 2.5, and Pinter 3.0.
Early designs were often neck and neck with more modern ones and were a tribute to the magnificent Marblehead class.

Special thanks to RD John Snow, scorekeeper Rick Gates, and Al Fearn.
Lunch was served by Cheryl Emmons with great appreciation.

Prior to racing the American Marblehead Class had three new members join to keep the momentum going.  All in all a wonderful day enjoyed by all.

After the fleet racing was completed place results were broken out into the four design divisions:  VM , VM High Flyer, Classic, and Modern.


Place                           Skipper                       Sail #               Points                         Design

1st.                   John Storrow                         206                 65                   Madcap
2nd.                  Cliff Martin                           240                 76                   Madcap
3rd.                   Tom McGlaughlin                 05                  109                 Sylvan
4th.                   Jim Linville                           151                127                 Madcap

VM High Flyer
1st.                   Herb Dreher                          96                   73                   Sun Wind
2nd.                  Alain Jousse                          049                 97                   110

1st.                   Tom Hayden                          3050               34                   Assassin
2nd.                  Chris Hornick                        87                   43                  Cumulus
3rd.                   Rick Laird                             21                   60                  Pinter 2.5
4th.                   Jerry Leach                           2600               107                 Spot

1st.                   Biff Martin (CS)                     06                  16                  Pinter 3.0
2nd.                  Standley Goodwin                 111                 23                  Pinter 2.0
3rd.                   Jack Woods                            14                  57                  Starkers Squared



Race #4

Six skippers raced in variable and gusty conditions in sunny conditions.



1st. Jack Woods #14 21 pts. (Tie breaker, 5 firsts, 4 seconds) Starkers Squared

2nd. John Skerry #58 21 pts. (5 firsts, 3 seconds) Spot

3rd. Biff Martin #2929 23 pts. Soling 50/Marblehead

4th. Tom Hayden #3050 34 pts. Assassin

5th. Bill Davis #98 51 pts. Piranha



Race #5

Four skippers raced eleven heats in hot weather with flukey winds.



1st. Tom Hayden #3050 13 pts. Assassin

2nd. Jack Woods #14 21 pts. Starkers Squared

3rd. Biff Martin #19 22 pts. Pinter 2.5

4th. Bill Davis #08 25 pts. Piranha



Race #6

Five skippers raced thirteen heats warm and variable conditions.



1st. Biff Martin #13 26 pts. Pinter 2.5

2nd. Tom Hayden #3043 27 pts. Rolling Thunder

3rd. Rick Laird #21 36 pts. Pinter 2.5

4th. Jack Woods #14 46 pts, Starkers Squared

5th. Bill Davis #98 65 pts. Piranha