2019 Vintage Marblehead Race Results



Race #4

High overcast, light NE/N/NW wind

Four skippers showed uo to race ten heats with no throwouts.




1st. Rick Laird #32 10 pts. Madcap

2nd. Jack Woods #948 24 pts. UK High Flyer

3rd. Alaine Jousse #049 26 pts. Cheerio 2

4th. Steve White #14 40 pts. Cheerio 1




Race #5

Sunny, mid 70's temperatures and a kight NE breeze.

RD: John Snow, scorer: Rick Gates

Four skippers showed up to race, two with VMVintage boats and two American M boats (Modern and Classic).

Ten heats were run with no throwouts.



1st. Tom Hayden #3050 13 pts. Assassin C

2nd. Bill Hall #98 24 pts. Piranha M

3rd. Rick Laird #32 26 pts. Madcap VM T 1st.

4th. Jack Woods #948 37 pts. UK High Flyer VM HF 2nd.



Bithell Cup

2019 “Bill Bithell” Memorial Cup VM & AM Regatta by John Snow
Racing Models:
US VMYG Traditional(TR) & VM High Flyer(HF) Designs   
AMYA American Marblehead (AM) Classic Designs
Date: Saturday, October 19, 2019
Location: Historic Redd’s Pond, Marblehead, Masssachusetts
Host Club: Marblehead MYC
Entries: VMs 10 & AMs 3
Awards Top-Three: VM TRs & VM HFs; Top-Two AMs
Wind & Temps: Steady W 3 Knots & 45-60 Degrees
Races Complete: Single Fleet with 18 (3 throw-outs)
Scoring: Low Point System
Race Committee: RD, John Snow; Scorer; Sue Martin
Food & Hydration: Biff Martin & John Snow  

VMs & AMs Racing Results – 15 Heats

VM Traditional Designs (1930-1945 Ms)           Sail #    Points
      1    Thom McLaughlin*  Sylvan Myrth         5          59
       2      Rick Laird                  Madcap                 32        72
       3      John Storrow              Madcap               206        80               
       4      Eddie Wolfe               Madcap             2377        85
       5      Alain Jousse               Cheerio II           049       129
       6      Jim Linville                Madcap                87       134
       7      Rick Gates                  Waroom             122       137       
       8      Steve White                Cheerio I              14       192       
VM High Flyer Designs (1946-1970 Ms)
      1     Herb Dreher                 Sunwind                 96      56
       2    Cliff Martin               Magic Dragon        1040       90
AM Classic Designs (1971-1990 Ms)
1     Chris Hornick               UK Cumulus       187       30                           
       2     Rob Hill                        Epic                   1858       38
       3     Al Fern                         Epic                    1672     115


1) Annual Bithell Memorial Cup VM Regatta recognizes Bill’s 75 years in our sport from 1932 to 2006. He launched his career at Redd’s Pond at 1932 free-sail regatta with his first scratch-built model: M 50-800 design. Bill was also first American skipper to capture the “YM Cup” in 1949. This trophy was then emblematic of world championship of model yachting. This year, the club included AMYA AM Class models to help extend interest under the umbrella of M 50-800 designs 1930 to present day.    
2) *Perpetual Bithell Cup, awarded on annual rotational basis, went to the VM TR design winner for 2019 – Thom McLaughlin with his VM#5 Sylvan Myrth. (See second email of Thom sailing VM#5 at Redd’s Pond.) Cup also had new scratch-built wooden base with brass tabs for winners since its inception in 2008. Appreciation to both John Stoudt and Herb Dreher for this eye-catching base and its craftsmanship.

3) My personal thanks to Sue Martin as our competent scorekeeper for this event over the past three years.