2019 Vintage Marblehead Race Results



Race #4

High overcast, light NE/N/NW wind

Four skippers showed uo to race ten heats with no throwouts.




1st. Rick Laird #32 10 pts. Madcap

2nd. Jack Woods #948 24 pts. UK High Flyer

3rd. Alaine Jousse #049 26 pts. Cheerio 2

4th. Steve White #14 40 pts. Cheerio 1




Race #5

Sunny, mid 70's temperatures and a kight NE breeze.

RD: John Snow, scorer: Rick Gates

Four skippers showed up to race, two with VMVintage boats and two American M boats (Modern and Classic).

Ten heats were run with no throwouts.



1st. Tom Hayden #3050 13 pts. Assassin C

2nd. Bill Hall #98 24 pts. Piranha M

3rd. Rick Laird #32 26 pts. Madcap VM T 1st.

4th. Jack Woods #948 37 pts. UK High Flyer VM HF 2nd.