2020 American Marblehead Race Results



Race #4

Three skippers showed up and raced nine heats under sunny skies with ENE @7-17 wind.



1st. Eddy Wolfe Paradox #64 Modern 8 pts. * 1 DNF/mechanical

2nd. Jack Woods Archer #85 Classic 19 pts. (1)

3rd. Bill Hall Pirahna #98 Modern 19 pts. *3 DNF/DNS mechanical


Saturday 07/18/2020 American M Race #6

Three skippers showed up to race in light and variable SSW winds.
Ten heats were raced with no throwouts.


1st.     Biff Martin     #13     Pinter 2.5            Modern   11 pts.
2nd.    Rick Laird     #21     Pinter 2.5            Modern   21 pts.
3rd.     Rick Gates   #88     Broom/Warrior    Vintage    28 pts.




Race #5 (makeup)

Five skippers showed up and raced eight heats (no throwouts).

Three boats had mechanical issues and multiple DNS




1st. Biff Martin #13 Pinter 2.5 Modern 9 pts.

2nd. Rick Laird #44 Iris Vintage 21 pts.

3rd. Bill Davis #76 Viper Classic 28 pts. (2 DNS)

4th. Alain Jouse #049 Vintage HF 33 pts. (4 DNS)

5th. Jack Woods #285 Toad Classic 42 pts. (5 DNS)


08/15/2020 American Marblehead Race #7

Four skippers showed up to race in low waters with a steady wind of 10-20 out of the NNE.

Rick Gates brought a Soling M which burnt out it's winch prior to racing.

Bill Davis had a new 9" fin in his Viper but had the mainsail clew and one other attachment point rip prior to the start of racing.

Rick Laird (Madcap) and Jack Woods (Arrow 3) competed in ten heats.


1st.     Rick Laird        #32     Madcap     10 pts.

2nd.    Jack Woods   #600     Arrow 3     20 pts.   



, 09/19/2020 American Marblehead Race #8

Five skippers sailed eleven heats with no throwouts in a decent breeze (most of the time).


1st.          Biff Martin       #12      Soling 50M         16 pts.
2nd.         Rick Laird       #32      VM Iris                19 pts.
3rd.         Rick Gates      #132    VM T                   37 pts.
4th.         Jack Woods    #600     VM T Arrow 3     41 pts.
5th.         Bill Davis         #76      C Viper                52 pts.


Saturday, 10/03/2020  American Marblehead "Almost R1"

Three skippers arrived to challenge the low waters of Redd's Pond, two Modern designs (one had a 9" fin)
and a VM.
Eight heats were run with no throwouts.


1st.          Biff Martin         #13    Pinter 2.5  M       12 pts.
2nd.         Rick Laird         #21    Pinter 2.5  M       17 pts.

3rd.         Alaine Jousse   #49     110  VM HF        19 pts.




Saturday, 11/07/2020 American Marblehead Race #10

Ten heats were raced, the sheet had no throwouts marked but results would be the same even if one were applied.

1st.          Biff Martin           10 pts.    Modern     Pinter 2.5
2nd.         Rick Laird           23 pts.    Vintage
3rd.          Rick Gates         29 pts.    Vintage
4th.          Steve White       38 pts.     Classic     Toad

Jack Woods