2020 CR914 Results


Sunday 05/31/2020 from 10:00-12:00 CR914 Red Robin #5 was scheduled.  Due to the virus this was the first
CR914 race run this season. Nine skippers showed up to race.  The day was sunny with winds predicted from NNW.  Conditions were
very variable with winds from @2-12 with occasionally intense gusts.
Eleven heats were raced with two throwouts.


1st.   Kevin Dooley         15 pts.
2nd.   Biff Martin             20 pts.
3rd.   Paul Zimmerman   30 pts.
4th.   Peter DeWolfe       32 pts.
5th.   Brian Yanofsky      33 pts.
6th.   Jack Woods           52 pts.
7th.   John Collins           58 pts.
8th.   Bill Davis                59 pts.
9th.   Rick Gates             62 pts.*

Rick Gates was dismasted during heat five by an intense gust and had to retire.

Jack Woods



Sunday, July 5th.  CR914 Osprey #2
Eight skippers showed up to race in overcast conditions with a light and variable SSE wind of @ 1-5.
Rick Gates had transmitter issues and could not compete; Rick generously acted as RD and score keeper instead.
Nine heats were sailed in the allotted time and there were two throwouts.


1st.     Paul Zimmerman    #1444       8 pts.
2nd.    Biff Martin                #222        14 pts.
3rd.    Al Fearn                    #910        23 pts.
4th.    Peter DeWolfe          #911        24 pts.*
5th.    Jack Woods              #1832      24 pts.
6th.    Jack Collins              #23          37 pts.
7th.    Bill Davis                  #1838      38 pts.

Sunday 07/19/2020 CR914 Osprey #3

Six skippers showed up and raced twelve heats with two throwouts.


1st.     Paul Zimmerman     #1444     15 pts.
2nd.    Biff Martin                #222       17 pts.
3rd.     Al Fearn                  #910        27 pts.
4th.     Rick Gates              #26          33 pts.
5th.     Bill Davis                 #1838      45 pts.
6th.     Peter DeWolfe        #911         57 pts. (three heats sailed before gooseneck and vang failure)



Sunday, July 26th. CR914 Osprey #1 (makeup race)

Six skippers showed up and raced ten heats in very hot weather and very flukey winds (two throwouts).



1st. Biff Martin #222 14 pts.

2nd. Rick Gates #26 23 pts. *1,2,2

3rd. Peter DeWolfe #911 23 pts. *1,2

4th. Paul Zimmerman #1444 24 pts.

5th. Al Fearn #910 28 pts.

6th. Jack Woods #1832 32 pts.



Sunday 08/02/2020 CR914 Osprey #4

Five skippers sailed ten heats with two throwouts.


1st.     Paul Zimmerman     #1444     10 pts.
2nd.    Biff Martin                #222       16 pts.
3rd.     Rick Laird                #26         22 pts.
4th.     Al Fearn                   #910       29 pts.
5th.     Jack Woods             #1832     32 pts.



08/09/2020 CR914 Osprey #5

Five skippers showed up and raced twelve heats with two throwouts.


1st.     Paul Zimmerman     #1444     11 pts.

2nd.    Biff Martin                #222       18 pts.

3rd.    Jack Woods             #1832      31 pts.

4th.     Jack Collins             #23          36 pts.

5th.     Bill Davis                 #1838      42 pts.


Sunday (08/23/2020)
Five sailors sailed ten heats with one throw out in the CR914 Chuck Winder Race #1.


1st.     Biff Martin      #222     14 pts.
2nd.    Al Fearn        #910     15 pts.
3rd.     Bill Davis       #1838   27 pts.
4th.     Jack Woods  #1832    31 pts. * sheeting problem 1 DNS
5th.     John Collins  #23        50 pts. * spreader broke 7 DNS


Sunday, 08/30/2020 CR914 Red Robin #3 (makeup)

Six sailors showed up to compete in strong and gusty conditions.
Twelve heats were raced with two throwouts.


1st.      Biff Martin                #222      11 pts.
2nd.     Peter DeWolfe        #911       22 pts.   
3rd.      Jack Woods            #1832     24 pts.
4th.      John Collins            #23         41 pts.
5th.       Paul Zimmerman   #1444     54 pts. (8 DNS, 2 DNF)

6th.      Al Fearn                  #910       60 pts. (1 DNF, 11 DNS) 


Sunday, 09/13/2020 CR914 "Chuck Winder #2"  10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Nine sailors showed up to race in light and variable winds.  Two of the skippers are new members,
George Grimes and Nick Burke.  Eight heats were raced and there was one throwout.


1st.          Paul Zimmerman      #1444          16 pts.
2nd.         Biff Martin                 #222             23 pts.
3rd.          Bill Davis                  #1838           25 pts.
4th.          Peter DeWolfe          #911             27 pts.
5th.          Al Fearn                    #910            29 pts.
6th.          Jack Woods              #1770          30 pts.
7th.          Nick Burke            #888            34 pts.
8th.          George Grimes        #23W           52 pts.
9th.          Jack Collins              #23B            59 pts. * (1 DNF, 2 DNS battery issues)



Sunday, 09/27/2020  CR914 "Chuck Winder Race #3"

Seven skippers showed up to race in an almost dead calm Redd's Pond.

The breeze was very variable and frustrating but did build as the harbor fog cleared and more sun came out.

Eight heats were raced with one throwout.  It should be noted that Bill Davis started the day strong with two first

place finishes in the first three heats.  During heat four we had a scare as Bill Davis tripped over a hole in the sidewalk and took a bad fall.

Bill got himself up but retired from the rest of the racing.  As many of you know the condition of the sidewalk is very bad and there are numerous

sink holes in it.  This past weekend Commodore Martin informed me that town workers told him then that repairs to the sidewalk would be beginning 

in two weeks.  At this time it is unclear how the repairs will affect the remainder of the club's schedule....


1st.          Jack Woods          #1770       16 pts.

2nd.        Biff Martin               #222        17 pts.

3rd.        Paul Zimmerman    #1444       19 pts.

4th.        Al Fearn                  #910         28 pts. * (1 second)

5th.        Jack Collins            #26B         28 pts.

6th.        George Grimes       #23W       37 pts.

7th.        Bill Davis                #1838       39 pts. (4 DNS)


Sunday, 10/04/2020  CR914 Chuck Winder #4

Seven skippers showed up to race in a light variable breeze.  Nine heats were run with two throwouts.
A special thanks to Peter DeWolfe for getting in the dinghy and redeploying two marks in the pond that were 
fixed by Commodore Martin.


1st.          Peter DeWolfe          #911         12 pts.
2nd.         Biff Martin                 #222         16 pts.
3rd.          Al Fearn                   #910          21 pts.
4th.         Jack Woods              #1770        22 pts.
5th.         Paul Zimmerman      #1444        27 pts.* (1 first, 1 second)
6th.         Jack Collins              #23B          27 pts.* (1 first)
7th.         George Grimes        #23W         40 pts.




Sunday, 10/25/2020 the Messenger Cup (sailed in CR914s this year)

Eight skippers showed up to race in a light and variable breeze.
Seven skippers made it to the line as George Grimes had to retire with radio problems.


1st.          Kevin Dooley           #97      13 pts.
2nd.         Biff Martin                #222    24 pts.
3rd.          Al Fearn                   #910    35 pts.
4th.          Peter DeWolfe         #911     37 pts.
5th.          Paul Zimmerman     #1444   41 pts.
6th.          Jack Woods            #1770    47 pts.
7th.         Jack Collins              #23       54 pts.

Commodore Martin announcing the results.

Kevin Dooley ... note the young free sailor behind him ... future member?

Kevin takes the cup back home for another year.