2020 EC12 Racing Results


Saturday, 09/05/2020 EC12 racing

Five skippers arrived ready to race in light to medium winds which were very variable.
Bill Davis showed up with his newly acquired boat and prepared to sail an EC12 for the first time.
Twelve heats were sailed with two throwouts.


1st.      Rick Gates      #168      17 pts.
2nd.     Bill Davis         #1842    24 pts.
3rd.     Jack Woods     #2137    27 pts.
4th.     Al Fearn           #32        30 pts.
5th.     Rick Laird         #10        34 pts. (2 DNS)     



Sunday, 09/20/2020  EC12 Race

Five skippers showed up to race in blustery conditions.  Three chose B rigs and two went with As.
Nine heats were sailed with no throwouts.


1st.         Rick Gates      #168       18 pts.    A rig
2nd.        Bill Davis        #1842      24 pts.    B rig
3rd.         Rick Laird       #10          28 pts.    A rig
4th.         Al Fearn          #32         31 pts.    B rig
5th.         Jack Woods    #2137     37 pts.    B rig (1 DNF, 1DNS)