International Marblehead Class Racing 2020



Four sailors showed up to race in the Dexter Goodwin Cup in sunny weather with a SW breeze of 5-10.

Ten heats were raced with no throw outs allowed.




1st. Biff Martin #13 13 pts.

2nd. Chris Hornick #70 17 pts.

3rd. Bill Hall #98 29 pts.

* Jack Woods had had a mechanical failure with sheeting at the start of race #1and could not continue.


Bill Davis score keeper/line judge (photos by Jack Woods)





Seven skippers showed up to race in the Duncan Dana and completed ten heats, there were no throwouts.  Winds were very light and shifty in cloudy conditions.


1st.    Marcel Nyffenegger   #339 Pinter 2.5                18 pts.
2nd.   Biff Martin                  #13   Pinter 2.5                 26 pts.
3rd.    Bill Hall                      #98   Piranha                    33 pts.
4th.    Jack Woods               #14   Starkers Squared     47 pts. (2)
5th.    Rick Gates                 #131 Pinter 2.5                 47 pts.
6th.    Rick Laird                   #21   Pinter 2.5                 48 pts.
7th.    Bill Davis                    #76   Viper                         61 pts.





Sunday, 06/13/2020, Modern Marbleheads, Roy Clough Cup race.
Six shippers raced ten heats with no throwouts.  Skies were sunny with a breeze of @2-10 coming from the cemetery end.


1st.   Jack Woods    #14  Starkers Squared    27 pts.
2nd.   Biff Martin       #13  Pinter 2.5                29 pts.
3rd.   John Wahlen   #88  Pinter 2.5                30 pts.
4th.   Rick Laird        #21  Pinter 2.5                34 pts.
5th.   Rick Gates      #131 Pinter 2.5               38 pts.
6th.   Bill Davis         #76   Viper                      51 pts.

Jack Woods



Sunday, 06/28/2020, Firecracker Cup race

Three skippers raced ten heats with no throwouts.



1st. Rick Laird #21 Pinter 2.5 12 pts.

2nd. Biff Martin #6 Soling M 19 pts.

3rd. Rick Gates #88 Vintage 29 pts.


This past Sunday (11/15/2020) three sailors showed uo to race in the modern Marblehead series.
Water level has risen enough for the deep keels to sail.  Thirteen heats were raced and there were two throwouts.


1st.        Chris Hornick        12 pts.
2nd.       Rick Laird             25 pts.
3rd.       Steve White           33 pts.