2021 American Marblehead Class Racing Results


Saturday, 04/10/2021, American M Class Race #1
    Eight skippers sailed nine heats (no throw outs this class, this season).
The day was warm and sunny with variable winds.

1.    Chris Hornick          Cumulus (scratch built by Chris)    15 pts.
2.   Biff Martin               Pinter 2.5                                         18 pts.
3.    Thom McLaughlin  VM/HF (scratch built by Thom)       26 pts.
4.    Rick Laird               VM/T Iris                                         44 pts.
5.    Jack Woods           Archer                                               45 pts.
6.    Steve White           Viper                                                49 pts.
7.    Bill Davis                Viper                                               58 pts.
8.    Rick Gates               Soling 50 VM/HF                          71 pts.



Saturday, 05/01/2021, American M race #2

    George Grimes showed up to watch as he is still working on his scratch built Sun Wind.
George reported that no one else showed up....   


06/12/2021 American Marblehead NCR results



  The result for Saturday, July 17, 2021, American M Class Race #6.
Three skippers showed up to sail and they were fortunate to have Al Fearn act as scorekeeper.


1.        Jack Woods       14 pts. (7)    Starkers Cubed
2.        Rick Laird           22 pts. (1)    Pinter 2.5
3.        Biff Martin           24 pts. (2)    Pinter 3.0




Saturday, 08/07/2021, American Marblehead Class Race #7

Three Marblehead skippers showed up and raced ten heats.  Peter DeWolfe acted as RD and sailed his Soliing as well.


1.        Rick Laird      #21    14 (6)    Pinter 2.5
2.        Jack Woods  #14     16 (4)   Starkers Cubed
3.        Bill Davis       #77     30         Skalpel



Saturday, 08/28/2021, American Marblehead Race #8

Three sailors showed up, two had boats, B rig conditions, there was no racing.



9/11/2021, Saturday, American Marblehead Race #9

Two sailors showed up to race and sailed for two hours, scores were not kept.
Bill Davis sailed his new (to him) Skalpel which had great speed and looked sharp.
Jack Woods sailed his Starkers Cubed and put the boat through it's paces.
Al Fearn provided the courses sailed as well as the starting sequence.  Al also sailed his
scratch built scale International 110 as well.
A good time.



Saturday, 10/16/2021, American Marblehead Class Race #10

Only two sailors showed up (Rick Laird and Eddie Wolfe).
Informal sailing with no scores kept.