2022 American M Class Race Results









Saturday, 05/21/2022, American M Class Race #2

Two skippers showed up to race and Al Fearn was score keeper.
Twelve heats were raced with no throwouts.


1.    Jack Woods  #014    13  (11)  Starkers 3
2.    Bill Davis  #77           23  (1)    Skalpel


Saturday, 06/04/2022, American M Class Race #3

Saturday, 06/04/2022, American Marblehead Class Race #3

Report by John Snow

First, please note Yellow Highlight from original email: VM skippers can participate in MMYC's American M (AM) season racing as well. Also, US VMYG's Classic VM designs (from the VMYG 2019 update) will become part of our local VM fleet going forward. Consider these to be M50/800 designs from AMYA's 1980s era. I will note this in the Bill Full VM Cup Regatta (Saturday, June 25) entry form at Redd's Pond in Marblehead. 

AM #2 Club Race held June 4 with once-around course involving eleven race heats with one throwout. Sunny skies, steady NE sea breeze and 70 temp. Mix of Modern M designs (3) with 1935 VM design ("Madcap") by Boston MYC member. (Scorer was John Snow.) 

MMYC AM #3 Club Race Results

Finish      Skipper                 AM Design                   Points w/Firsts 
  #1         Biff Martin             #13 Pinter 2.5               17 (5)
  #2         Bill Davis              #77 Scaple                    21 (4)
  #3         John Storrow        #206  Madcap (VM)      27 (1) 
  #4         Jack Woods          #2403 Bone                  31 (1)



 Here are the results of the American Marblehead National Championship regatta sailed on
Sunday, 06/12/2022.

  Ten sailors showed up to compete in the four divisions of the class.
The day was bright and the pond was clear of algae and long weeds.
A shifty Southerly breeze (for the most part) of 1 to 12 was encountered.
After a skippers' meeting conducted by Class Secretary and club Commodore Biff Martin was held
racing began a bit past 10:00 am.  Special thanks goes out to Charles Dyson who acted as scorekeeper
and to Peter DeWolfe who manned the rescue boat to adjust the starting line prior to racing as well as to rescue a
disabled yacht during the regatta.
Sixteen heats were completed and there were three throw outs allowed.
Another special thanks goes to Cheryl Emmons who organized a wonderful lunch for all concerned.
Here are the results:

Vintage M Traditional Division
1.      Rick Laird          #153      Cheerio 3                        79
2.      Alaine Jousse    #049      Magic Dragon hybrid      92

Vintage M High Flyer
1.      Herb Dreher      #96       Sun Wind            54
2.      Cliff Martin         #1040   Magic Dragon     59

AMYA M Classic
1.      Chris Hornick            #87       Cumulus              35 (2)
2.      Thom McGlaughlin   #5         Bone hybrid          67
3.      Al Fearn                   #1672    Epic                      91
4.      Jim Linville               #337      Epic                      95

International M
1.      Biff Martin        #13    Pinter 2.5   16 (11)
2.      Jack Woods     #14    Starkers 3  39 (3)



Saturday, 07/16/2022, American Marblehead Class Race #4

Five sailors competed.  Ten heats were raced with no throwouts.


1.      Chris Hornick        #70      Cumulus     15 (6)
2.      Stan Goodwin       #81      Toad            17 (2)
3.      Peter DeWolfe      #03       Bone           37 (1)
4.      Bill Davis               #77      Skalpel        40
5.      Jack Woods          #85      Toad            42