2022 Vintage Marbleheaf Race Results:


VM#1 Race on Saturday, April 23, @ Redd's Pond              

-- Variable NE/E/W breeze upper 40s with partly sunny skies

-- Once-around-course; 11 heats with one throw-out   

-- Only Traditional VMs competed (1930-45 origin)

-- John Snow, Scorer  

Traditional (TR) Fleet Summary

1. Thom McLaughlin TR 1930s Sylvan 13 points (8 firsts); #5 

2. Rick Laird  TR 1930s Madcap 18 points (2 firsts); #32  

3. Rick Gates TR 1930s War Room 26 points; #122  

NOTE: VM#2 on June 4 is prep for Full VM Memorial Cup Regatta June 25.  

John Snow

VM Fleet Captain / Marblehead MYC 


First, we had no VM #2 racing June 18; only Rick Laird showed at pond. 

Sending you my final MMYC email note version with text below. This will be my request for you to send to all club members. I have had email problems the past several days.

VM Skippers need to email me NLT June 24 about their positive participation in 27th Annual Bill Full Memorial Cup Regatta on Saturday June 25:
-- Racing Noon-3:30PM; Skippers' Meeting 11:45AM, and 
-- Entry Fee $25 at pond + VM Design, Sail#, RC Freq. email noted to me.  

Already have MMYC Marblehead Nautical Chart Plaques (6) trophies from Tod Johnstone, Mystic, CT: Top-Three Traditional and High Flyer Designs Winners.  

Best Regards,

John Snow 
VM Fleet Captain


Results from Bill Full VM Memorial Cup Regatta conducted at Historic Redd's Pond, Marblehead, MA, on Saturday, June 25. 

This was Marblehead Model YC's 27th annual staging for this event covering RC racing of US VMYG VM Traditional (1930-1945 era) designs (three boats) and High Flyer (1946-1970 era) designs (two boats) categories. 

The HF Fleet winning skipper Herb Dreher was awarded perpetual Full VM Cup on rotational basis. Five Marblehead Harbor Nautical Chart trophies (as crafted by Tod Johnstone of Mystic, CT ) provided to "top-three" skippers (TR VMs) and the "top-two" skippers (HF VMs) design categories.          

Bill Full VM Cup Regatta: Saturday, June 25             

-- Light NE / SW breeze with upper 80s under sunny skies

-- Once-around-course set using a single "offset leg"

-- Twelve total heats completed with two throw-outs   

-- Al Fearn, Club Scorer, awarded Honorary Nautical Chart plaque

VM Traditional (TR) Fleet Summary

1. Rick Laird  1930s Madcap 18 points (4 firsts); #32

2. Alain Jousse 1960s Magic Dragon 25 points***;  (1 first) #049

    *** Skeg & Rudder Steering = Scored with TR Fleet    

3. Rick Gates TR 1930s War Room 35 points;  (1 first) #122  


VM High Flyer (HF) Fleet Summary 

Herb Dreher HF 1940s SunWind 18 points (3 firsts); #96

Cliff Martin HF 1960s Magic Dragon 23 points (2 firsts); #1040


NOTE: VM#3 Club Race is July 23 at 1-3:30PM.  

John Snow

VM Fleet Captain / Marblehead MYC 

978-594-8521 / jsnowj@comcast.net



Saturday, 07/23/2022, VM Race #3


We had two skippers for MMYC VM #3 Club Race at Redd's Pond July 23 that had both VM Traditional (1930-1945) and High Flyer (1946-1970) designs represented. Likely low turnout was based on weather forecast entire New England region as to continued mid-90 temps. 

-- Once-around course (with and without offset leg) given coastal SW to NE light sea breeze; actual sunny temps were mid-80s. 

-- Completed slate of 12 total racing heats with two throw-outs. 

-- RD / Scorer was John Snow.

Winner - Rick Laird with Traditional 1930s Madcap - VM #153:  
---- 14 points total (8 firsts)

Second - Jack Woods with High Flyer 1960s UK model - VM #948:
---- 18 points total (4 firsts)

1) Our MMYC VM #4 Race is on Saturday, August 20, 1-3:30PM.
2) Do check with Commodore Biff Martin for Boat Disabled category allowing for automatic "Redress." (Based on a low-water level versus high & dry boat status when stuck on submerged rocks.) 

John  Snow
VM Fleet Captain
978-594- 8521

Saturday, 08/20/2022, VM Race #4

John Snow reported that only one sailor showed up (Rick Laird) and that no racing took place.



5th Bithell VM Memorial Cup; Redd's Pond; Saturday, October 15:
--- John Snow RD / Sue Martin Scorer. 
--- Twelve races no throw-outs / once-around course. 
--- Sunny with upper 50s / light NW breeze. 

Total Results Summary:  
Four Traditional (TR) and Two High Flyer (HF) models = Six 
-- Winning HF Skipper (Low Points) = Perpetual Bithell VM Cup 
-- Top Three by Design = Six Nautical Plaques (Tod Johnstone)   

Overall Placing                        Points    Firsts       VM Design Breakdown        
1)  Thom McLaughlin #05        21         (6)            1930s Cheerio HF **       
2)  Rick Laird #153                  27          (3)           1930s Madcap TR  
3)  Cliff Martin #40                   30          (3)           1930s Madcap TR 
4)  Rick Gates #06                   50                         1940s Broom IV HF 
5)  Alain Jousse #049              64                         1960s Magic Dragon HF 
6) Jim Linville #151                  74                         1930s Madcap TR                       

** Spade Rudder Configured = HF Design + 2022 Bithell Cup Winner