EC 12 For Sale


IFG Hull #0505
YRN #1864
Measurement Certificate #10093-05

Boat has been completely gone over "Stem to Stern"

New: RMG 290-EL Winch
Rigging including Wires, Lines, Sheets, Fittings, Etc.
Sirius "A" Rig Sails

Comes with Carr "B" Rig, and Sail Carrier for 2 sets of sails.

Asking $1,800.00

John Martin




Blue Crab EC-12

Smart winch, A rig, needs radio and receiver.


For more information contact Biff Martin at: or 978-828-9765


Modern build EC-12

Beautifully detailed with aqua painted hull, blue boot stripe, and white bottom. Also has a very nice wood deck.

Smart winch, seperate jib adjuster (three channel)

A rig

No radio


For more information conract Biff Martin at: or 978-828-9765