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11/14/2015 - M Class Season Championship by Standley Goodwin

"Ten club members participated in this year's M Class racing. We sailed a total of eight races including the M Class Region 1 Championships.

We only lost Race #8 to low water. Six sailors sailed in the five races required to qualify for the season's Championship. The results are attached."

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Duncan Dana Cup     04/19/2015


Standley Goodwin reported the following:


“The Duncan Dana Cup was sailed in a 4 to 8 mph easterly breeze that for Marblehead was reasonably steady.  Eight skippers showed up to participate.  It was John Whalen’s day.  He won seven out of thirteen races and the Duncan Dana cup.  Stan Goodwin was second and Eddie Wolfe was third.  Rick Gates, sailing his newly acquired Pinter, had to drop out after the fourth race with boat problems.



The competitors thank Al Fearn and John Collins for scoring the Regatta.”




1.   J. Whalen              26  (7)

2.   S. Goodwin           32  (3)

3.   E. Wolfe                41  (2) 

4.   J. Woods               67

5.   B. Martin               71  (1)

6.   T. Hayden             72

7.   J. Skerry               72

8.   R. Gates               106




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Dexter Goodwin Cup 05/03/2015


Standley Goodwin reported the following:


"Five skippers showed up to compete for the Dexter Goodwin Cup. It was sailed in a light and variable

easterly breeze. Conditions were trying and positions changed frequently with the shifts. Biff Martin won with an impressive string of firsts and seconds. He sealed his victory with three firsts in the last three races. Second, four points behind, was Stan Goodwin."




1. Biff Martin (Pinter 3) 22 (6)

2. Stan Goodwin (Pinter 2.5) 26 (6)

3. Tom Hayden (Spot) 45 (2)

4. Jack Woods (Starkers 2) 55

5. Rick Gates (Pinter 2.5) 62


M Class Region 1 Regatta 05/17/2015


Standley Goodwin reported the following:



"Seven skippers showed up to participate in the M Class Region 1 Regatta. The prevailing wind for the race was a light easterly with short preiods of a southwest sea breeze. This made the conditions unpredictable and challenging. Thirteen twice around windward leeward races were sailed. First place was tightly contested betwen Marcel and Standley. The eventual winner was Standley who managed to score consistent finishes."


Ron Gates, our scorekeeper, kept the regatta moving.





1. S. Goodwin 27 (6)

2. M. Nyffenegger 32 (5)

3. J. Whalen 43 (2)

4. B. Martin 44

5. T. Hayden 66

6. R. Sbordone 73

8. R. Gates 82


Roy Clough Cup 06/07/2015


Standley Goodwin reported the following:


"Seven skippers showed up to compete for the M Class Roy Clough Cup. The wind started as a light and fickle Easterly which filled in allowing the last three races to have long windward legs. Twelve races were sailed. Biff Martin with five firsts was followed by Stan Goodwin and John Whalen. Eddie Wolfe missed the first three races due to radio problems."




1. B. Martin 29 (5)

2. S. Goodwin 30 (2)

3. J. Whalen 33 (3)

4. Rick Gates 49 (1)

5. T. Hayden 54

6. E. Wolfe 65 (1)

7. Ron Gates 79



Firecracker Cup 07/05/2015


Standley Goodwin reported the following:


"Six skippers showed up to sail in the Firecracker Cup. It was sailed in a light wind that kept shifting between southwest and east making conditions trying. Eight twice around races were sailed in the time available. The contest was a close one between Biff Martin, Standley Goodwin, and John Whalen. Biff Martin won the cup in a tie with Standley by winning the last race."




1. B. Martin 15 (4)

2. S. Goodwin 15 (3)

3. J. Whalen 19 (1)

4. J. Woods 37

5. T. Hayden 39

6. R. Sbordone 46



M Race #5 07/27/2015


Standley Goodwin reported the following:

"Seven skippers participated in M Race #5. The wind was a light fitful Southerly. Eight races were sailed. Stan goodwin won by three points over John Skerry. John was sailing an early 1980's Spot with a standard rig."



1. S. Goodwin 14 (5)

2. J. Skerry 17 (1)

3. J. Whalen 28 (1)

4. B. Martin 32 (1)

5. Rick Gates 39

6. R. Sbordone 40

7. Ron Gates 60



Chandler Hovey Cup Results - 08/16/2015


Standley Goodwin reported the following:

"Six M Class skippers participated in the Chandler Hovey Cup. Ten races were sailed. The wind was a light southerly with the usual shifts. The water level was marginal for M's. Luckily there was only one grounding during racing. Stan Goodwin won with Biff Martin second and John Skerry third."




M Race #7 Results - 11/01/2015

By Stan Goodwin


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