2016 CR914 Racing:

CR914 Osprey Series - Final Results

CR914 Red Robin Series - Final Results


CR914 Chuck Winder Series Race #1 Results 8-28-16

The first race of this series is off to a great start. 11 Skippers raced and after completing 11 heats,
the standings were:

Skipper Race Points Fleet Place

John Skerry 17 1st

Biff Martin 20 2nd

Al Fearn 27 3rd

Tom Hayden 30 4th

Rick Gates 45 5th

John Martin 54 6th

Peter DeWolfe 56 7th

Jack Collins 64 8th

Kevin Hartley 65 9th

Jack Woods 66 10th

Will Davis 67 11th


Several Races for the CR914 are coming up with Region 1 championship on Sept 10th, Winder series race #2 on Sept 11th as well as the Nationals on Sept 17th & 18th. Plenty of racing to enjoy.
Craig Speck
MMYC Secretary/Treasurer


CR914 Osprey Series Race 4, 5, & Series Final Report

Race # 4 on 7-31-16 had 8 racers and completed 8 races, Competition was very close.

2016 CR914 Osprey Series Race # 4 (7-31-2016)

Name Points (8 races) Place

Paul Zimmerman 14 1st

Biff Martin 18 2nd

Al Fearn 22 3rd

John Martin 24 4th

Tom Hayden 25 5th

Rich Sbordone 37 6th

Peter DeWolfe 48 7th

Rick Gates 52 8th

Race # 5 on 8/14-16 had 9 racers and completed 11 races. As this was the final race of the Osprey Series, the competition was on as boats jockeyed for improving their position in the series scoring. At the end of the 11 races, the top four boats had point scores from 22 pts to 29 pts. Results Follow

2016 CR914 Osprey Series Race # 5 (8-14-2016) Results

Name Points (11 races) Place

Biff Martin 22 1st

Paul Zimmerman 26 2nd

Tom Hayden 29 3rd

John Skerry 29 4th

Jack Collind 37 5th

Al Fearn 38 6th

Rich Sbordone 42 7th

Rick Gates 52 8th

Will Davis 89 9th

The Osprey Series was completed on 8-14-2016 with 14 skippers participating in one of more of the 5 Races in the series.
8 Skippers qualified for the series by competing in 3 or more of the races. Throughout the series, competition was on and at he end the point spread for 8 skippers 3 of 5 races was from 3pts to 24 boats with the top 4 boats from 3 to 10 pts.
Congratulations to the top 3 boats who wre Biff Martin winning the Series with 3 pts. Paul Zimmerman was a close 2nd with 4pts, and Tome Hayden in 3rd with 6 pts!
Final Placement for the entire series and the individual race results ( XL spreadsheet) are included:

CR914 Osprey Series final Results

Name # of Races Sailed Placement Points (3 races) Osprey Series Place

Biff Martin 5 3 1st

Paul Zimmerman 5 4 2nd

Tom Hayden 5 6 3rd

John Skerry 3 10 4th

Al Fearn 4 13 5th

John Martin 3 14 6th

Rich Sbordone 5 18 7th

Rick Gates 3 24 8th

Others Sailing Less Than 3 Races

Name # of Races Sailed Points

Jack Collins 2 11

Peter DeWolfw 2 14

Will Davis 1 9

Brian Yanofsky 1 4

John Storrow 1 7

Stuart Tubbs 1

All CR914 skippers are invited to join the competition in the Chuck Winder series which begins on Sunday Aug. 28th with additional races on Sept 11, Sept 25, Oct 2, and Oct 23.
A reminder that the CR914 Region 1 Championship is at Dry Pants Club in Essec Ct on Sept 10 and the CR914 Nationals in Maryland is on Sept 17, 18 in Maryland.

Mark your calendars and come enjoy the fun.
Craig Speck
Secretary Treasurer, MMYC



CR 914 Osprey Series 3 0f 5 races Standings

Back in the saddle and catching up on race results.
3 of the 5 races scheduled for the CR914 Osprey Series have been completed.
There have been 8 boats racing at each race. There are 13 different sailors who have sailed 1 or more races and there are 2 races remaining in the series ( July 31 and Aug. 14) . All of the 13 people have the opportunity to qualify for the series awards that are up for grabs at this point. As a reminder, the series consists of 5 races and best 3 of 5 are scored for Awards calculation.

The Spread sheet is attached with the individual scores for your use.

Summarized result points follow:


Name: Pts. at 3 races: Pts. at 2 races: Pts. at 1 race:

Biff Martin 5 (@ 3 races)

Tom Hayden 6 (@ 3 races)

Paul Zimmerman 10 (@ 3 races)

Rich Sbordone 20 (@ 3 races)


John Skerry 6 (@ 2 races)

John Martin 10 (@2 races)

Al Fearn 12 (@ 2 races)


Brian Yanofsky 4 (@ 1 race)

Jack Collins 6 (@ 1 race)

Peter DeWolfe 6 (@ 1 race)

Stuart Tubbs 7 (@ 1 race)

John Storrow 7 (@ 1 race)

Rick Gates 8 (@ 1 race)

All CR Club Racers are invited to ace in the remaining races in this series or to just come and assist as well as watch the racing. Racing has been very good and as always, the more boats on the water make it more fun for everybody.

Click here for individualized scores:


CR 914 Red Robin Series Race # 5 (05/29/2016)

7 CR 914's raced 9 heats in the last race of the 2016 Red Robin Series on Sunday 5/29/16.

Racing was close with 5 of 7 boats having at least one first. At the conclusion of racing finish positions were:
1st John Skerry 11 pts (5-1sts)
2nd Biff Martin 13 pts
3rd Al Fern 21 pts
4th Tom Hayden 23 Pts
5th Peter DeWolfe 28 pts
6th Jack Collins 30 pts
7th Al Gromko 47 pts

As this was the last race in the Red Robin Spring Series for the CR914 Class, the series champion was ???? See attached Spread Sheet!
( Just Kidding)
Series consisted of 5 race days with best 3 race being used for determining the winner. 16 different skippers participated in the event. Of those, 5 qualified for the calculation of Series Champion. Based on this, the final results were:

1st Biff Martin 4 pts
2nd Tom Hayden 5 pts
3rd Brian Yanofsky 7 pts
4th Paul Zimmerman 10 pts
5th Al Fearn 11 pts

Congratulations to Biff Martin the series Winner. Awards will be presented at the Annual Awards meeting in the fall.
For all the skipper who braved cold, rain, wind, and even sun in this springs weather, Thank you for your fortitude and comittment to make this fleet very competitive and a pleasure to be involved with. In case you are not aware of this, all of the races you participated will be incorporated into the overall season totals including the 2 remaining series of 5 races each. To be in the running for the season, you must have participated in 60% of the races run.
The upcoming CR 914 Invitational regatta on June 12th is considerd to be race # 1 in the Summer Osprey Series.
There is still time to register for that event. NOR is attached.

Good Sailing,
Craig Speck
Secretary and Treasurer.



CR 914 Red Robin Series Race #4 (05/15/2016)

7 CR 914 skippers raced 11 heats on Sunday, May 15th in blustery and cold conditions.
Racing was exciting to say the least including a crash between 2 boats with significant damage occuring.
After 2 hours of racing, the results were:

Biff Martin 18 Pts 1st Place
Brian Yanofsky 20 Pts 2nd Place
Tom Hayden 24 Pts 3rd Place
Paul Zimmerman 29 Pts 4th Place
John Skerry 43 Pts 5th Place (Did not race last 4 heats)
Al Fearn 46 Pts 6th Place ( Did not race last 4 Heats)
Rick Gates 57 Pts 7th Place ( Did not sail 4 heats)

Note: Saturday May 28th is last race of Red Robin Series

After 4 completed Race Days, There are 4 boats having raced 3 races ( Pts to date 5,7,7,10),
4 boats have raced 2 races ( pts to date 8,9,12, 13) and 5 having raced 1 race in the Series.

Given that the Red Robin Series Champion is determined by the Best 3 finishes of the 5 race days in the series, Everyone with 2 or more races can win the series.
Spread sheet is attached with result of the 4 races to date for your reference.

Hopefully many of you can participate in the last race of the series.
Next series ( Osprey) starts on June 12th with the Invitational Regatta.
NOR and Registration form is attached.

Craig Speck
Secretary and Treasurer, MMYC


CR 914 Red Robin Series Race #3 (04/24/2016)

On Sunday, April 24, 9 Racers braved the cold and the winds to race. We used a new course featuring shortened legs with two laps being sailed. Starts were at the starting Blue marks starting line, rounding the Cemetery side orange mark and then returning to the white mark at the fence opening then back to the Orange cemetery mark, back to the white mark and finish at the blue starting line.
The winds were out of the ENE at 8 to 10 knots and were relatively steady in direction and velocity. Great conditions to sail in. Because of the wind direction, the course provided a true beat and run for the majority of the time. Everyone liked the course and felt that it provided fair sailing, challenging beats and lots of tactical decisions required. Racing was very close throughout the day.

To be noted, in the rush to provide results to the skippers, I made a Throwout error in the addition process. . After correction the Results with 2 throwouts were:
1. Tom Hayden 19 Pts (T) 3 firsts, 2 seconds
2. Al Fearn 19 Pts (T) 3 firsts, 1 second
3. Brian Yanofsky 21 Pts
4 Paul Zimmerman 22 Pts
5 Biff Martin 26 Pts
6 John Storrow 39 Pts
7 Jack Woods 52 Pts
8 Norm LeBLanc 63 Pts
9 Hatch Brown 69 Pts

Next CR 914 Race May 8th 10:00 AM Red Robin Series # 1

Craig Speck
Secretary Treasurer, MMYC


CR914 Red Robin #1 scheduled for April 3 was cancelled due to weather and has been rescheduled for Sunday May 8.


CR914 Red Robin #2 Results (04/10/2016)

On Sunday, April 10th, 8 hardy sailors braved the cold and the winds to race 10 heats.
Temperatures were in the low 40's and winds out of the NNE & NE in the 10 knot range. Lots of cold fingers were evident.

After the 10 races were completed, Results were:
1. Biff Martin 11 Pts (5 1sts)
2. Brian Yanofsky 17 Pts (3 1sts)
3. John Storrow 21 Pts (2 1sts)
4 Steve Uhl 20 Pts
5 Rick Gates 33 Pts
6 Jack Woods 41 Pts
7 Craig Speck 6 Heats sailed, Remainder DNS
8 Al Gromko 1 Heat Sailed, Remainder DNS

Next CR 914 Race April 24th at 10:00 AM

Craig Speck
Secretary Treasurer, MMYC

CR 914 5/8/16 Results Red Robin Series Race # 1 Makeup

Three boats raced 10 heats on 5/18/2016.
Results after 2 Throwouts were:
Tom Hayden 12 pts 1st Place
Paul Zimmerman 14 Pts 2nd Place
Jack Collins 18 Pts 3rd Place

Craig Speck
Secretary and Treasurer