2016 EC12 Racing:



EC 12 Class Has Completed 6 race days. Season Results Attached

Race #1 makeup and # 6 were completed on 8/20 and 8/21 2016.

3 EC 12's showed up to race, There were 3 additional people who came with different boats and were allowed to race with the EC12 fleet for practice and not be scored.

Results for the two Races were

Race #6 8/20/2016 Results (10 heats)

John Skerry 13 pts/1

Biff Martin 17 pts/2

Jack Woods 30 pts/3

Race #1 Makeup 08/21/2016 (13 heats)

John Skerry 19 pts/1

Biff Martin 23 pts/2

Jack Woods 36 pts/3

EC 12 Season Scoring and News Flash!!
The Exec Committee has made the decision to Suspend the club reqt. for all classes that minimum participation of 4 boats in a race day for this year's season awards calculation. Any day that a fleet has 2 or more boats racing will be scored for Season awards.

EC12 Fleet standings for the season is attached with results for 6 races thru 8-21-16:

4 EC 12 Races Left In 2016; 9/3 Minuteman Inter club race Needham,

9/17 Race # 7, 10/1 Race #8, & 10/22 Race # 9

EC 12 Season Results (as of 8/21/16) # Races sailed to date Total Points to date

Biff Martin 5 9

John Skerry 5 9

Jack Woods 3 9

John Martin 4 6

Al Fearn 1 4

*** 5 season races required to be eligible for season awards ***

Still Time to Qualify

Craig Speck

MMYC Secretary/ Treasurer




Race #5 EC-12 Results 07/23/2016

I arrived down at the pond to keep score and RD the races. Four people showed but only two people raced. The winds were light and shifty. The sun was shining and the temperature was around 88 to low 90 by the time that 13 races were finished. Here are the results with throw outs:

John Martin 1st place (9)
Jack Woods 2nd place (3)
I hope we can get more EC-12 to race. Right now it looks like a ghost fleet with very low participation. Any suggestion to increase participation would greatly be appreciated. I know that the Needham club has lots of EC-12 sailors. Please spread the word and hopefully we can bring up the members to sail for the MMYC perpetual cup.

Rick Gates


EC-12 Race

We will be racing EC-12 this Saturday at Redds pond. If you are a member of the Marblehead Model Yacht Club (MMYC), this is a picture of the perpetual EC-12 season winners’ cup. If you are not a member of the MMYC, please join and you also can win this cup. The cup is awarded every year and returned to the club at the end of the season to have your name added to the cup. MMYC dues are $10.00 a year with some volunteering for races or pond clean up

Rick Gates


Race #4 EC-12 July 2 Results 07/02/2016

On July 2 we had another EC-12 race. The wind was coming out of the west at 10-15mph and gusty at times.
Here are the results for 11 heats and two throw-outs:
John Skerry 1(6)
John Martin 2(5)
Biff Martin 3

Rick Gates


Race #3 EC-12 Results 06/18/2016

We sailed our #3 EC-12 race on Saturday 6/18/2016. The winds were steady coming in from the harbor with a slight chill in the air. The sun was strong but it really did not warm up the day. Three boats showed up, and seeing it was father’s day weekend and the showing was poor, we still raced. If we didn’t race then we would have had to make up two races. The first race still has to be determined. I hope that on the next race we have a better showing. There is a Trophy (cup) that will be given to the first place winner for the year for all of those that belong to the Marblehead Yacht Club. If you want to be eligible for “the Cup” from another club you must join the Marblehead Yacht Club. The membership is only $10.00 a year. I would like to see more people involved in this class of boat.

The race results are as follows:
John Martin 1st place
Biff Martin 2nd place
Jack Woods 3rd place

Please get out those EC-12 and race………..

Rick Gates EC-12 fleet captain