2016 Vintage Marblehead Racing:

2016 Bill Bithell NOR/Entry Form


VM #6 club race was Saturday, September 10, at Redd's Pond, Marblehead. Twelve races held under partly sunny / cloudy skies and 70s temperature. Three skippers competed with two Traditional (TR) VMs and one High Flyer (HF) VM. Scoring support from Rick Gates.


VM #6 Race Results


#1 Biff Martin 1930s Madcap TR - 17 points & seven firsts

#2 Alain Jousse 1930s Cherrio II TR - 23 points & four firsts

#3 Andy Abrahamson 1950s Norumbega HF - 32 points & one first


1) Remaining 2016 VM races at Redd's Pond:

-- VM #7 October 10 (+ tune-up for October 15-16)

-- Bithell Memorial VM Cup / VM #8 October 15

-- Annual Chowder Race October 16 (VMs included)

-- VM # 9 November 9

2) Bithell Cup NOR emailed by September 20.


John Snow

Marblehead MYC

VM Fleet Captain




2016 VM #4 Race Report  07/09/2016
by John Snow

Four VM skippers competed in ten heats Saturday, July 9, in VM #4 club race at Redd’s Pond, Marblehead. Competitors had steady NE sea breeze under cloudy conditions with low 60s temps, given 59 degrees ocean temperature. Rick Gates was Scorekeeper. One Traditional (TR) 1930-1945 VM and three High Flyer (HF) 1946-1970 VMs were raced. Our friend Andy Abrahamson from Dover, NH was finally able to join our season VM racing skippers for first time this year.
Stan Goodwin with his 1960s Warrior II VM HF model was dominate winner with eight firsts, Biff Martin followed with his 1940s Broom V HF in second. Alain Jousse racing his 1930s 110 Delta Mod VM TR edged out Andy for third place.

PLACE      SKIPPER                     POINTS      FIRSTs          DESIGN  
      1           Stan Goodwin                  12                8                1960s Warrior II (HF) 
      2           Biff Martin                       20                2                1940s Broom V (HF)
      3           Alain Jousse*                   34                                  1930s 110 Delta (TR)
      4           Andy Abrahamson           34                                  1950s Norumbega (HF)
     * Second place heat finish was tie breaker.

NOTE: VM#5 club race is Saturday, August 13, 1:00 to 3:30PM, with substitute RD as I will be in Philippines until early September.



2016 Full Cup VM Regatta & VM #3 Race Report  06/11/2016
by John Snow

Nine VM skippers competed in thirteen heats Saturday, June 11, in 21st annual Bill Full Memorial Cup VM Regatta at Redd’s Pond, Marblehead. Event also served as club’s VM #3 race. There was steady SW breeze under cloudy skies with intermittent rain showers and temps in high 60s. Rick Gates was Scorekeeper. Three Traditional (TR) 1930-1945 VMs and six High Flyer (HF) 1946-1970 VMs were raced.

We were also able to meet John Andrews of London at pond side.  He is member of UK Model Yachting Sail Association (MYSA) and home club is located at Round Pound in London. John bought 1950s UK VM vane boat named Little Haste from Graham Fraser this January. Coincidently, it was named for small rock in Salem Harbor, MA. He was to get ideas to convert his VM to RC while minimizing changes to its vane configuration and my join the US VMYG.

John Skerry with 1960s Magic Dragon VM was clear winner of perpetual Full VM Cup, while Stan Goodwin edged Biff Martin for second in HF VMs. John and Stan won club Marblehead chart plaques as “top two” in HF fleet. John Storrow with his 1930s Madcap VM was winner of our TR fleet. Alain Jousse with his 110 Delta Modified VM was close second.  Both received Marblehead chart award plaques.
PLACE      SKIPPER                     POINTS      FIRSTs          DESIGN  
      1           John Skerry                      34                3                1960s Magic Dragon (HF)
      2           Stan Goodwin                  41                3                1960s Warrior II (HF) 
      3           Biff Martin                       45                3                1960s UK Design (HF)
      4           Herb Dreher*                   49                4                1950s Sunwind (HF) 
      5           Jim Linville                      53                                  1940s Riptide (HF)
      6           Thom McLaughlin           85                                  1960s Awanadjo (HF)
      7           John Storrow                    90                                  1930s Madcap (TR) 
      8           Alain Jousse                     93                                  1930s 110 Delta Mod (TR)
      9           Rick Laird**                    99                                  1930s UK Pocahantus (TR)
*    DNF due to floating obstruction.
**  DNS and DNF due to winch problems.



Vintage Marblehead 2016 Race # 2 05/21/2016

From John Snow, MMYC Vintage M Fleet Captain:

"2016 VM #2 Race Report

by John Snow


Six VM skippers competed in ten heats Saturday, May 21, in VM #2 club race at Redd’s Pond, Marblehead. Wind was a steady light SW breeze under partly clouds with temps in 60s. John Collins was scorekeeper. One Traditional (TR) 1930-1945 VM and five High Flyer (HF) 1946-1970 VMs raced. Thom McLaughlin launched his newly scratch-built, hybrid 1960s Awanadjo boat. Name is from Abanacki Indian tribe language meaning “misty mountain” which is close to Thom’s full-time residence in Blue Hills, ME.


Results had Biff Martin edging Stan Goodwin by two points closely followed by John Skerry in HF models. Alain Jousse of Portsmouth, NH was fifth with TR model.



1 Biff Martin 18 5 1960s UK Design (HF)

2 Stan Goodwin 20 3 1960s Warrior II (HF)

3 John Skerry 24 2 1960s Magic Dragon (HF)

4 Thom McLaughlin 45 1960s Awanadjo (HF)

5 Alain Jousse 48 1930s Delta (TR)

6 Jack Woods 56 1960s UK Design (HF)


Our 21st annual Bill Full Cup VM Invitational Regatta is on Saturday, June 11, with 11:45AM Skippers Meeting and Noon to 3 PM racing. Contact John Snow for details at 978-594-8521 or jsnowj@comcast.net "



Vintage Marblehead Race #1 04/23/2016

2016 VM #1 Race Report

By John Snow


Three VM skippers competed in ten heats on Saturday, April 23, for VM #1 race. Wind was light but steady NE sea breeze under clouds with mid-50s temps. One Traditional (TR) 1930-1945 VM and two High Flyer (HF) 1946-1970 VMs were raced. Alain Jousse initially sailed his new 1953 Delta VM model at Redd’s. It is a hybrid of Ray Hunt’s 110 Class sailboat design with its distinctive double-ended, hard-chime hull. This was a very popular fleet design raced out of Marblehead Harbor from 1940s to 1980s.


Results had Rick Laird with his Madcap TR and jet black sails easily winning over the two HF models of Alain in second and Jack Woods in third place.



1 Rick Laird 11 9 1930s Madcap (TD)

2 Alain Jousse 20 1 1950s Delta (HF)

3 Jack Woods 29 1960s UK Design (HF)