2017 Modern Marblehead Racing



M Season Championship Results: by Standley Goodwin

Nine skippers participated in M Class club racing this year.  Ten races were sailed and five skippers participated in the six required to be scored in the M Season's Championship.  The best six finishes were scored for each skipper.  Tom Hayden participated in five races and just missed being scored.

1.  Stan Goodwin      6
2.  Biff Martin           15
3.  Rick Gates          19
4.  J. Woods             21
5.  W. Davis              30



M Race #10 10/15/2017 by Standley Goodwin

Four skippers appeared to sail in in M Race # 10.  The breeze was a reasonably good Southwester.  Twelve short races were sailed in the small sailing area available because of the low water.


1. Stan Goodwin        13 (11)
2.  Rick Gates            29  (1)
3.  Jack Woods          34
4.  Bill Davis             49




M Race #9 10/01/2017 by Standley Goodwin

Five skippers showed up to sail in M Class Race #9.  It was sailed in a light easterly with major shifts.  Eight races were sailed.

1. Stan Goodwin          14
2, Tom Hayden            18
3. Biff Martin                20
4. Bill Davis                 33
5. Rick Gates              35




M Class Chandler Hovey Cup 09/17/2017 by Standley Goodwin

Six skippers showed up for the M Class Chandler Hovey Cup.  Although the water was low, a course was set that worked out well.  There was only one grounding during racing and that occurred in an area that was well marked.  Skippers had been warned to stay out of that area.

The day was foggy with a light easterly that later on became very shifty.  Seven Races were sailed.

1. Stan Goodwin         9  (5)
2. Biff Martin             13  (2)
3. Rick Gates            25     The tie breaker was one second.
4.Tom Hayden           25
5.Jack Woods           34
6. Bill Davis               41



A joint M Class and American Marblehead Class race was held on Saturday September 9 at 1pm.  Four skippers showed up to sail in a light and steady (for Marblehead) easterly.  Eleven races were sailed with one throwout because of low water.  The following scores are for the best ten races.

1. Stan Goodwin               12 (8)
2. Tom Hayden                 17 (3)
3. Rick Gates                   31
4. Jack Woods                 37 

Standley Goodwin

Rick Gates' Bone in hot pursuit of Tom Hayden's Assasin

Stan Goodwin's Pinter 2.5

Photos by Jack Woods




Five skippers showed up to compete for the Firecracker Cup on July 4.  The wind was light and variable.  Ten races were sailed and there was one throwout for weeds.  As a result nine races were scored.

1. Stan Goodwin            13 (6)
2  Biff Martin                  20 (2)
3.  John Skerry               25 (1)
4.  Jack Woods              33
5.  Rick Gates                35 (1)

The next M Championship Race was scheduled for Sunday July 16.  That date has been reassigned to the Vintage M Championship   As a result it will have to be rescheduled.  The only open dates available are on Saturday afternoon.  I was looking at a date in mid August.

If anyone objects to sailing on a Saturday afternoon, please let me know.




Roy Clough Cup Results

Five skippers showed up for the Roy Clough Cup and sailed 12 races.  The wind was light and shifty out of the East.  Biff and Stan had a tight contest for first.  At 10 races they were two points apart.  In the end Stan came out first after the 12th race.

1.   Stan Goodwin         19  (7)
2.   Biff Martin               25  (4)
3.   Jack Woods           30  (1)
4.   Rick Gates             45
5.   Bill Davis                53




Five skippers showed up to sail in the Dexter Goodwin Cup.  Ten races were sailed in a fresh Southerly breeze.  Eddie Wolf showed the way with eight firsts and two seconds.  Tom Hayden was in contention for second when he had to drop out of the last three races due to battery problems.


1.  Eddie Wolf        12 (8)
2.  Stan Goodwin    26 (1)
3.  Jack Woods       31 (1)
4.  Tom Hayden       37
5.  Bill Davis            51




Eight skippers showed up to sail the Duncan Dana Cup. Nine races were sailed in strong and puffy Southwest conditions.

Five were left for the start of the ninth race. One throw-out was allowed because of an algae condition.

In the end Eddie Wolfe and Stan Goodwin were tied. Since Eddie won four races versus Stan's three, he won.

There were two of the eight boats who sailed whose dues were unpaid. Their scores have been removed from results

and adjustments made to final results.


Adjusted scoring is as follows:

Eddie Wolfe 16 pts 1st (won tie breaker countback)

Standley Goodwin 16 pts 2nd

Biff Martin 23 pts 3rd

John Skerry 43 pts 4th

Tom Hayden 52 pts 5th

Rick Gates 60 pts 6th


Next race for class is Sunday, May 7th Dexter Goodwin