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2017 Full Cup VM Regatta Report  

by John Snow




Six VM skippers competed in ten heats on Saturday, June 24, in the 22nd annual Bill Full Memorial Cup VM Regatta at Redd’s Pond, Marblehead. There was a light SW breeze with temps in low 80s for the twice-around course. Rick Gates was Scorekeeper. Two Traditional (TR) 1930-1945 VM designs and four High Flyer (HF) 1946-1970 VM designs were competed. 




Herb Dreher with his 1950s Sunwind VM model edged-out Stan Goodwin and his 1960s Warrior II by single point for overall regatta first place and HF fleet winner. Rick Laird was TR fleet winner over John Storrow with both racing 1930s Madcap VMs. Rick won perpetual Full VM Cup; for 2017 it was rotated to TR fleet winner. Marblehead nautical chart plaques were awarded to four skippers as the “top two” in HF and TR fleets. 




PLACE      SKIPPER                     POINTS     FIRSTs   DESIGN                         SAIL#

      1           Herb Dreher                      19                4       1950s Sunwind (HF)        96

      2           Stan Goodwin                   20                4       1960s Warrior II (HF)     2281

      3           Rick Laird                         25                1       1930s Madcap (HF)          32

      4           John Storrow                     45                         1930s Madcap (TR          206 

      5           Thom McLaughlin            49                1       1960s Awanadjo (HF)       5

      6           Andy Abrahamson*          56                         1950s Naskeag (HF)         91 


      *    Four DNSs