2018 International Marblehead Racing:



By standley Goodwin:

"Six skippers showed up to sail in the Duncan Dana Cup. The wind was a shifty Northwesterly. Ten races were sailed with one throwout because of algae. Racing was close between Biff Martin , Stan Goodwin. and John Whalen.  each held the lead at some point.   Biff and Stan ended up tied.  Biff won the Cup because he had one more first."

1.  Biff Martin           19  (4)
2.  Stan Goodwin     19  (3)
3.  John Whalen       21  (2)
4.  Jack Woods        30   (1)
5   R. Gates             39
6.  T. Hayden           51           Tom's boat lost its mast in race 7. 



From Standley Goodwin:

Because of Pond and weather conditions, we have only sailed the Duncan Dana Cup.  Now we can finally resume sailing.  Using currently available dates, I have made up a schedule.  It involves two Saturday afternoon races which are joint races with the American M.


Race 1.  April 22  Duncan Dana (Already Sailed)

Race 2.  Sept. 2 Chandler Hovey

Race 3   Sept. 8  Saturday afternoon 1;00, Joint with American M.

Race 4   Sept 16 M Class Region 1.  Sunday afternoon starting at noon.  Entry $15. No lunch, ( Fee will be collected at the Pond by Standley)

Race 5   Sept  30  Dexter Goodwin

Race 6   Oct  6  Saturday  afternoon 1:00.  Joint with American M.

Race 7   Oct  14  Roy Clough 



The M Class Region 1 Regatta will be sailed on Sunday September 16 starting at 12:00.  Sailing will continue to 3:30 or 4:00.  To minimize the entry fee,no lunch will be served.  It will also be counted in the M Class Season's Championship.

Note other race Dates

Updated NOR for reference attached. 

Craig Speck on Behalf of Standley Goodwin




By Standley Goodwin:

Two sailors showed up for the Chandler Hovey Cup.  The wind was light to medium southerly with some shifts.  The racing was much closer than the scores showed.  Stan won the last race by a bumper.  A couple of other races could have easily gone Marcel's way if the wind gods had favored him.  Stan won the cup.

1.  Stan Goodwin              12  (8)
2.  Marcel Nuffenegger     18  (2)

Don't forget the joint American M and M Class race next Saturday afternoon.  



By Standley Goodwin

Five skippers showed up for the M Class Region 1 Championship.  It was sailed in a light breeze that went from South to East.  Sixteen races were sailed with one throwout due to low water. The contest quickly settled down to a battle between John Whalen and Biff Martin.  At race 15 Biff and John were tied.  Race 16 ended with Biff finishing 6 inches in front of John.  As a result Biff won the Region 1 Championship.

Stan Goodwin had to withdraw due to radio problems.

1. Biff Martin        27
2. John Whalen   28
3. Chris Hornick  46
4. Jack Woods    50
5. Stan Goodwin 66



By Standley Goodwin

Six M Class sailors showed up to sail the Dexter Goodwin Cup.  They sailed nine races in a very light and shifty mostly southwest breeze.  After nine races Stan Goodwin was only three points ahead of Biff Martin.  There was a close contest for third between Rick Gates and Tom Hayden.  At the end Rick was one point ahead of Tom.

The Dexter Goodwin Cup was somewhat unusual In that four of the six entrants won a race.

1. S. Goodwin            17  (3)
2. B. Martin                 20  (4)
3. R. Gates                 30  (1)
4. T. Hayden               31  (1)
5. J. Woods                 41
6. W. Davis                  50

1. Biff Martin and Stan Goodwin

2. Tom Hayden

3. Bill Davis and Rick Gates


photos by Jack Woods



By Standley Goodwin

Five sailors appeared to race in M Class race #6.  The race was sailed in a light shifty easterly. This race was unusual in that all five skippers had at least one first.  Everyone also had at least one last.  The point spread from second to fifth was only 9 points.  This is pretty tight racing in anybody,s book


1.  S. Goodwin          21  (4)
2.  M. Nyffenegger   27  (1)
3.  B. Martin             31  (2)
4.  J. Woods              35 (1)
5. C, Hornick           36  (2) 

The seventh and last M Class race will be sailed on Sunday October 14 starting at 10 am.



By Standley Goodwin

Four skippers showed up for M Class race #7.  Eleven races were sailed in a light and shifty southerly breeze.  The racing settled down to a tight contest between Marcel and Stan. Stan and Marcel had the same score in four of the eleven races.  In the end Stan won by one point.

All four skippers had at least one first.

S. Goodwin            22  (5)
M. Nyffenegger      23  (3)
B. Martin                29  (2)
J. Woods               36  (1)