2018 Vintage Marblehead Racing Results:

23rd Annual "Bill Full" Cup VM Regatta 06/09/2018 entry form



Report Submitted by John Snow:

2018 VM #1 Race Report  

by John Snow



Four VM skippers competed in eleven heats (ten heats with throw-out for final scores) on Saturday, April 28, in first 2018 VM club race at Redd’s Pond, Marblehead. Competitors had a slightly fluky SW wind (intermittent NE breezes) under mainly sunny conditions with upper 50s temps given a 50-degree ocean temperature. Rick Gates was Scorekeeper. One Traditional (TR) 1930-1945 VM and three High Flyer (HF) 1946-1970 VMs were raced. Andy Abrahamson from Dover, NH was able to join in this early VM party with hopes of more available in 2018. Thom McLaughlin from Blue Hill, ME participated with his new Halycon VM HF design and ensured an early notice by VM skippers with wins in four heats and excellent boat speed. 


Marblehead MYC will now host US VMYG 2018 V36/VM National Championship as part of Marblehead Mini-Race Week October 18-21. John Snow as VM Fleet Captain will be RD with Biff Martin and Craig Speck for logistical and promotional support. Event NOR is planned for week of May 21. VMYG will provide national publicity starting next week via website and later through VMYG’s e-newsletter “The Model Yacht” and AMYA’s “Monthly Bulletin” e-newsletter.      


Race Results

Biff Martin with his 1950s Broom Hybrid VM HF model squeaked-out one-point win over Thom McLaughlin with his new Halycon VM HF model in its first-ever Redd’s Pond competition. Andy Abrahamson racing 1950s Naskeag VM HF edged out Alain Jousse for third. Thom made up for his VM newness with lengthy practice sessions at Redd’s Pond on Thursday and Friday. 



PLACE      SKIPPER                     POINTS      FIRSTs          DESIGN   

      1           Biff Martin                       19                3                1950s Broom Hybrid (HF)

      2           Tom McLaughlin             20                4                1960s Halycon (HF)

      3           Andy Abrahamson           31                2                1950s Naskeag (HF)

      4           Alain Jousse                     33                1                1930s Cheerio II (TR)




Club’s 2018 VM series racing now has greater significance given October 18-21 Mini-Race Week with VMYG V36/VM National Championship and our Bithell VM Cup Regatta, plus the annual Chowder Race Regatta.