American Marblehead Race #1 04/11/2015


Race day was sailed in sunny skies with sometimes windy conditions  I’d say the winds were from zero to twenty.  Six skippers showed up with boats representing  Vintage, Classic and Modern Marbleheads.


Biff Martin sailed a Vintage M called a “Bewitched” (I think).

Stan Goodwin sailed his Classic M which was a Bone.

Rick Gates sailed a Classic M of unknown design made of cold molded wood.

Ed Wolfe sailed his Classic M which is a Kisutch.

John Whalen sailed his Modern M, a Paradox.

Jack Woods sailed his Modern M, a Starkers 2


Results of fourteen heats raced:


1.  Stan Goodwin       33

2.  Eddie Wolfe          35

3.  Biff Martin            40

4.  John Whalen         43

5.  Jack Woods           65

6.  Rick Gates              78


Division breakdown:



1.     Biff Martin


1.     Stan Goodwin

2.     Eddie Wolfe

3.     Rick Gates


1.     John Whalen

2.     Jack Woods



  American Marblehead Race #2 05/09/2015


"Race day was attended by 11 boats. There were 4 VM High Flyers and 7 Classic M boats on the starting line.

Winds were in the 8 to 10 knot range with the usual varying flat spots as well as the vageires of Redd's Pond.

Racing was very close with several races having all boats finish within a minute and a half. 14 races were conducted and results follow.

Next VM American race is 5/30/2015 at 1:00 pm."

Craig Speck for Biff Martin, Fleet Captain


Results of fourteen heats raced:

1. Stan Goodwin 16 Classic 1st

2. Tom Hayden 41 Classic 2nd

3. John Skerry 50 VM High Flyer 1st

4. Eddie Wolfe 55 Classic 3rd

5. Biff Martin 64 VM High Flyer 2nd

6. Thom McLaughlin 96 VM High Flyer 3rd

7. Rick Gates 192 Classic 4th

8. Rick Laird 104 Classic 5th

9. Jack Woods 107 Classic 6th

10. Craig Speck 129 VM High Flyer 4th

11. Ron Gates 136 Classic 7th

American Marblehead Race #3 05/30/2015

"On Saturday May 30, 5 Marblehead racers participated in Race #3 of the season. There were 2 VM-HF, 2 Classic and one International Marblehead on the course. Racing was very tight in all of the 15 races that were completed. Winds were in the 10+ range and had the most consistency in velocity and direction of the year. There were some of the usual variations in velocity but no dead zones. All boats were competitive and 3 boats all had firsts. Biff Martin (International Class) 7 firsts, Stan Goodwin (Classic M) 4 firsts, and Craig Speck (High Flyer M) 4 firsts."

Craig Speck

Final Overall finish positions were:

1. Biff Martin 26 points

2. Standley Goodwin 32 points

3. Craig Speck 38 points

4. Rick Gates 55 points

5. Ron Gates 74 points


Click here for American M Region 1 report:



2015 American M National Championship Regatta 07/19/2015

"Eleven boats participated in the 1st American M Class National Championship regatta held on Redd's Pond, Marblehead, MA. The fleet divisions consisted of 6 Classic, 3 Modern, 1 Vintage, and 1 Vintage High-Flyer Marblehead 50/800s. 20 races were completed in varying conditions with winds from calm to 10 knots. All races were started with all boats as one group. Position scoring was based on low point system with points being awarded as one class. As the American M class is predicated on allowing all Model 50/800's to sail together and then be scored within their divisional classification for awards, the places in divisions were based on total points within the fleet. At the conclusion of racing, Trophy Winners were: John Skerry 1st with 28 points including 9 firsts in the Classic Division, Standley Goodwin with 42 points, 2nd in the Classic, Rick Gates with 54 points, 1st in the Modern, Alain Jousse with 135 points, 1st in the Vintage, and Craig Speck with 116 points, 1st in the Vintage High Flyer."

Craig Speck


Overall Results:

Classic Division

1. John Skerry 28 pts.

2. Standley Goodwin 42 pts.

3. Tom Hayden 84 pts.

4. Herb Dreher 108 pts.

5. Biff Martin 114 pts.

Jim Linville 145 pts.

Modern Division

1. Rick Gates 54 pts.

2. Jack Woods 96 pts.

3. Rich Sbordone 99 pts.


1. Alan Jousse 135 pts.

Vintage High Flyer

1. Craig Speck 116 pts.


Amercican M Series Race #6 08/01/2015

"Race #6 for the 2015 American M Class series was held on August 1, 2015. 4 boats participated and seailed 10 races in moderate wind conditions. Session was shortened due to the onset of heavy rain."

Craig Speck


Results with 2 throwouts were:

1st Rick Gates (11 pts) (Modern)

2nd Jack Woods (14 pts) (Modern)

3rd Biff Martin (14 pts) (Classic)

4th Rick Laird (22 pts) (Classic)

Photos courtesy of Rick Laird



American M Race #7 09/26/2015


"Seven boats sailed 12 races in a moderate breeze from the NE.

The fleet consisted of 3 VM HF and 4 Classic M's."

Craig Speck




Result were:

1st John Skerry 17 pts (CL 1st)

2nd Standley Goodwin 30 pts (CL 2nd)

3rd Biff Martin 41 pts (HF 1st)

4th Tom Hayden 46 pts (CL 3rd)

5th Craig Speck 53 pts (HF 2nd)

6th Rick Gates 71 pts (CL 4th)

7th Jack Woods 80 pts (HF 3rd)


Next races for American M 10/31/2015