EC-12 Race #2 05/02/2015


Rick Gates reported the following:


"Saturday's (05/02/15) race started the day that was on the cool side. The starting temp was 46 degrres. The final temp for the day (at 3:00 pm) was 48 degrees with a fog bank on the ocean that was coming in over the cemetery. The winds were between 5-10 mph coming in from the ocean. Four boats showed and raced all races without breakdowns."


The results are as follows:


Biff M. 1st. place 19 points

John S. 2nd place 24 points

Rick G. 3rd place 42 points

Jack W. 4th place 55 points

EC-12 Minuteman Interclub Regatta (Race #3) 06/20/2015


Rick Gates reported the following:


"We had a great turn out with an equal number of people from both the Marblehead Model Yacht Club and the Minuteman Yacht Club from Needham.

This presented a great balance between the two clubs.

I would like to thank all the people that helped keep score and kept an eye on the racing activities.

We raced ten races and seems that everybody enjoyed the spirit and fun of racing the EC-12's.

Here are some of the results, first will be overall results, and the next will be by club."

Overall results:

1. Cliff Martin 15 pts

2. John Skerry 15 pts

3. Biff Martin 23 pts

4. Jim Lindville 28 pts

5. Rick Laird 34 pts

6. Herb Dreyer 36 pts

7. Rick Gates 47 pts

8. Al Fearn 52 pts

9. Jack Woods 79 pts


Minuteman Yacht Club:

1. Cliff Martin 15 pts

2. Jim Lindville 28 pts

3. Herb Dreyer 36 pts



Marblehead Model Yacht Club:

1. John Skerry 15 pts

2. Biff Martin 23 pts

3. Rick Laird 34 pts

4. Rick Gates 47 pts

5. Al Fearn 52 pts

6. Jack Woods 79 pts

"I am looking forward to racing with the Minuteman Yacht Club in Needham and hope that the skippers from Marblehead Model Yacht Club will be well represented."

Rick Gates, Fleet Captain MMYC EC-12



EC-12 Races 09/05/2015


"On Saturday we had another EC-12 race that was part of the regular schedule.

The winds were the normal light shifty winds when the four boats started. We had a guest up from Florida that sailed my EC-12 boat. Baron Bremer (National Champ) tuned up my old Dumas EC-12 boat and sailed it to an impressive 2nd. place with quite a few first place finishes at the beginning

of the series. As the wind picked up the first place finishes shifted to John Skerry (7th in the country in EC-12).

Final score was:

John Skerry 1st

Rick Gates 2nd sailed by Baron Bremer

Biff Martin 3rd

Jack Woods 4th

For all those people that still have Dumas EC-12...They are still worth sailing. Tune them up and come out and sail.

Again, I want to thank Baron Bremer coming to our pond and sailing. I hope you enjoyed the day!!!"

Rick Gates, fleet captain


EC-12 Race - 10/04/2015

"Two boats showed up on Sunday to race their EC-12s'. The wind was coming from the SW at 8-10 mph with gusts of 10-15 mph. The temperature was cool but comfortable with a light jacket.

We raced 6 races and John Collins RD for us. Rick Gates's boat broke the main sheet and he fixed it and sailed a few more races; then it finally broke and was not repairable. Jack Woods's boat has a new mast and sails.

The boat looks great and it seems to sail on it's lines. His boat is fast, with a little bit of getting used to the new sails, Jack has a winning boat.


The results are as follows:

Rick Gates 4 wins 1st place

Jack Woods 2 wins 2nd place

We have one more race this season (Saturday 10/24/2015) so please come to Redds Pond to race, and have fun."

Rick Gates