he following is a message from Commodore Biff Martin:

  "To Model Yacht Clubs, close, far , and wide.  If you are having problems with your venue you are welcome
to come sail with us at the MMYC on the famous Redd's Pond in Marblehead.
If you have a group wanting to sail as an example DF95 you can sail with our 914 fleet or if you have several DF95s you sail with
95's or 914's but have a separate start signal.  We also have a lot of open pond time so you might have an AMYA event and be
supported by members of MMYC, situations and terms to be negotiated between parties.
  If you or your club wish to sail with MMYC call Biff Martin at 978-828-9765 or email Jack Woods at:

Thank you,
Biff Martin, Commodore MMYC"






The MMYC will host the 2021 CR914 National Championship Regattaat Redd's Pond on October 2-3.






    Biff called to tell me that David Ramos informed him that the 2021 CR914 NCRscheduled to be held in Florida
has been cancelled due to venue problems.  Dave asked Biff if the Marblehead Model Yacht Club would be interested
in hosting this year (2025 was our next chance before the change).  Holding a national event is a great opportunity
for our local sailors as well as an opportunity for the club's treasury to grow.  A successful event is always dependent upon
club members willing to pitch in and take on a task to help make the event a success.  
Some jobs needed to be handled would be:

    Please get back to Biff or myself with your thoughts and level of interest.


Jack Woods




Attached please find the NOR for this years "Chowder Race", Sunday October 25, 2020
As you'll see when you open the document the number of participants has been capped at fifteen this year.
The Town of Marblehead has a limit of twenty five people for events, so considering non sailing support crew 
and spectators fifteen is the number.  Registrations must be done by mail prior to the event as pond side sign up
will not be allowed.
  You'll also notice that the under 40" fleet will only consist of CR914 class boats.  The over 40" fleet will only be any Marblehead Class

Jack Woods


Chowder Race/Messenger Cup 2020 NOR





To all members,

  I hope you and your families are all fairing well in these strange times and am sure we can all agree that we want to see a return to normalcy.
After speaking with Biff this morning I'd like to pass on to you some thoughts on this years sailing schedule.

  On 04/11 I put up on our website a notice that I copied off of the Minuteman MYC website which stated that until the Massachusettsstate of emergency
is lifted that our sailing schedule would be placed on hold.  An earlier message from the AMYA stating they would not sanction any regattas until at least
July 1st is also posted on our website.  The AMYA said that club racing is up to each club to control.
  After speaking with Biff this morning I have taken down the announcement that club racing is suspended.  The schedule remains in place as is and it is up to 
individuals to decides for themselves if and when they want to sail/race.  If two or three members show up they can run races and have them be counted in the season totals.
I would ask that those who may race either put the results in the club house or take a picture and email the results to me as I probably will not be at the pond until the
state of emergency is lifted.  Also, club by laws stipulate that in order for race results to count towards the season awards club dues must be paid.  At the end of this notice
I will attach the club's renewal/membership form and ask you to fill out and send a check to my address on the form.

  Any comments or suggestions are welcome, please email or call me at:        857-991-0963

Club website:

Jack Woods






The state of Massachusetts has declared a state of emergency due to the risk of infection by the Corona virus, COVID 19.  All events on the club’s schedule are cancelled until further notice. Please check this site often for further updates.





The 2020 racing schedule was updated to reflect changes to the upcoming Dragon boat racing. It was decided not to combine D 95s with the D 65s races scheduled on Saturdays.

The Saturday races will be for DF 95s alone. The DF 65s will be sailed on Sundays from @12:00 to 1:30 for fun and in the hopes of getting new people interested due to their low price.

The DF65s will be available for newcomers to sail and try out.

Also added to the schedue for Monday evenings (June 1st through August 31st) "Dragon Night Series" for DF95s.




Marblehead Model Yacht Club 2019 Season Awards
The awards for winners   of 5 classes were presented at the February 15th Annual meeting.
The 2019 season was difficult to achieve the original season schedule due to the weather & pond weed issues. Adjustments were on the fly to try to get in races.  Adjustment was made to season scoring process from 60% of original scheduled races to 60% of actual races run. The requirement to be a paid Member of MMYC to be included in scoring was maintained. The resulting results by class follow:

MMYC Vintage Marblehead class
   4 race days completed, 11 skippers competed, only 2 were Scored in best 3 of 4 races
   VM HF       1st  Jack Woods 5 pts
   VM            1st   Rick Laird     3 pts

AMYA 50/800 Marblehead Class
14 Skippers participated in at least 1 of the 9 races completed. Best 5 races of the 9 were scored with 5 skippers qualifying for the season.
 1st   Biff Martin                  7 pts
 2nd  Standley Goodwin    8pts
 3rd   Tom Hayden           12 pts
4th    Jack  Woods            15 pts
5th    Chris Hornick          16 pts

AMERICAN Marblehead Class
23 different Skippers participated in at least one of one of the 10 races completed. Best 6 of the 10 races were scored for the season series awards
Modern Division 
     1st Jack Woods   6 pts
Classic Division 
    1st  Biff Martin         8 pts    ( 4- 1sts, 2-2nds,  T brkr 2nd)
   2nd  Tom Hayden     8 pts     (4-1sts, 2-2nds, T Breaker 5th) 
   3rd   Rick Laird         17 pts
High Flyer Division
  Only 1 of the 5  skippers who participated in this division sailed 3 races & was given the Season Award
1st Alain Jousse  7 pts
Traditional Division

4 skippers participated in 2 of the 4 races in this division.
1St place Jim Linville

CR 914 Class
16 skippers participated in one or more 12 races that were held. 7 participated in 7 or more races to qualify for season. For the 5 race series, they had to sail 3 of the 5 races to qualify.
Red Robin Series
   1st Biff
Osprey Series
  1st Kevin Dooley
Chuck Winder Series
 1st    Biff Martin
CR914 Season Championship
   1st Biff Martin
   2nd Tom Hayden




At the annual meeting the Dragon boats were formally voted in as racing classes for our club, the EC12 class was voted out.

Kevin Dooley was voted in as the Fleet Captain for the DF65 and DF95 classes.

Jack Woods was voted in as the new club Secretary and Treasurer.



To.ALL Members &Interested Parties

 The Annual Meeting for the Marblehead Model Yacht Club is scheduled for Saturday February 15th from 12:30 PM to 3:30 PM,
  Meeting is located at the Abbott Public Library in Marblehead, MA

All members & interested parties are encouraged to make this meeting as there are significant short & long issues for the club that need to be discussed that will affect the club in 2020 if not discussed &  appropriate implementation support from a significant # of members.
 As was indicated last fall at the Chowder Cup,  the present Secretary & Treasurer was withdrawing from the role of Secretary & Treasurer due to ongoing personal issues. As such, there is a critical need for replacements for the Treasurer, & for the Secretary before the beginning of the 2020 season. There are also significant operational issues needing members involvement to develop an action plan & support the Implementation of club activities and is It is absolutely critical that a High percentage of members & interested event participants make an effort to attend this meeting. Attendance at previous meetings has been anemic with a small % of the membership attending with virtually the same committed people being there every year.
This year It is critical if you want the club to continue the many racing activities & events that support the club, pond,maintenance and club racing programs,
YOU Need to be at the meeting!!!
Hope to see you at the meeting,
Craig Speck
Secretary & Treasurer

P:S: I have enjoyed being a member of the club and the many friends that have been supportive & involved as well in the racing( club or Major events)  that have occurred. when  I have participated as RD or a participant. I regret that I have to withdraw from the position but I have reached a point where I can no longer handle the executive duties of my role in a satisfactory way. I will remain a member of the club as it is a great activity and an asset to the sport of model yacht racing.





Biff has booked the room at the Marblehead Public Library for the annual meeting for February 15.

The meeting will begin at 12:00 and we have the room until 3:30 pm.

The agenda and topics of discussion for the meeting will be posted and communicated as soon as available.

If anyone has a project or anything of interest to the group please feel free to bring it for display.





The Marblehead Model Yacht Club will be Hosting the American Marblehead Natioanls June 5-7, 2020.

If there is interest a free sailing event may be held on Friday the 5th.

Club volunteers will be needed to help in the planning and execution of this event.

Stay tuned for more information to follow!





Email Notice for our 2019 Marblehead MYC Bithell VM Cup Regatta on Saturday, October 19, 9:15AM-3:45PM, at historic Redd's Pond in Marblehead MA.

Besides our typical Traditional and High Flyer VM designs, this event will include AMYA American Ms: Classic and Modern M designs. This is to enhance single-fleet for promotion. Marblehead Nautical Chart plaques will be awarded to Top Three each design: VM Traditional (TR) & VM High Flyer (HF) and AM Classic & Modern. Top VM TR Skipper will also receive the perpetual Bithell Memorial Cup for the coming year  

Attached Entry Form has space to sign-up AM models. Attached simplified Redd's Pond Racing Rules will cover AM models as well. Finally, we will have VM# 6 Club Race on Saturday, September 28, as final tune-up. 

Further, this event has Assistant RD, Rick Gates of Nashua NH @ 603-759-5744 for contact purposes noted in the Entry Form. (I will be on travel in the Philippines from September 10 - October 6.) 

Entry Form will soon be posted on MMYC website for our broader outreach to AM skippers by Jack Woods.  

John Snow

VM Fleet Captain 

Marblehead MYC 



This year, the Messenger cup Championship Cup is to be awarded to the Highest Finishing Club Member in  the largest Class in the under 40" Fleet.  
  This regatta is open to the owner of any AMYA class boat and membership in AMYA, MMYC or any other club is not required, The fleet is separated into Under 40 " & over 40" OAL for  racing. Each group will sail 3 races, exit the pond & the next group will sail three races & exit the pond. This sequence is repeated throughout the day.  Skippers can participate in both fleets if desired for one registration fee,
1st place awards for the under 40" fleet will be given to the CR914 class, the Dragonflyte 95 class, & the winner of the other remaining 40" class. For the over 40", 1st place awards will be given to the winner if the AMYA M class, traditional VM class & the VM High Flyer class.
Race schedule is Check in 8:30 Until 9:15. Skippers meeting 9:15.  AM racing begins at 10:00 until 12:00. The Included Clam Chowder Hot dog, chips desert etc lunch from 12:00 until 12:30 approx. Racing begins again at 12:45 & ends at 2:45PM..
 Awards as soon as scoring can be completed, est 3:15
Your decision to participate is needed by noon on Friday, the 18th Of October.  Can be sent by mail to Craig Speck, 149 W. Canton St. Boston, MA 02118 or can be e-mailed so or to  It is a preference that your registration be paid early but it can be paid on Sunday morning at the pond with check preferred to aid in registration process. A signed registration form is required before or at Registration. The NOR with registration form on Page 2 & the Sailing Instructions for this fun regatta are attached as word document. If you are unable to open it. let me now by replying & I will send you a pdf  version.
It's a fun regatta for the major wrap up of the season
Craig Speck
PS  The chowder cup Regatta is the day after the annual Bithell Cup regatta for Vintage boats & new this year offers  the inclusion of any other American M boat to the event.





Member of the Marblehead Model Yacht Club is looking for a Classic or Modern design

with a conventional (non-swing) rig to replace his recently sold Piranha.

Please get in touch with Bill Davis if you have or know of a suitable boat.

Cell: 978-239-7446




The scheduled EC12 regatta (Harvest Moon) scheduled for this Saturday (09/21) has been cancelled due to a lack of interest and participation.




M Class Region 1 Championship
The Region 1 Championship will be sailed on Sunday September 15, from 12 to 3.  There is no entry Fee.  To enter the M Region 1 you must be a member of AMYA, have a boat registered in the M Class, and the boat you are sailing must be Registered in the Class.  If necessary you can bring a filled out Registration Form and $7 to the pond for me and sail.  I would also like you to bring your AMYA membership card. 

If you would like to avoid the pondside hassle, you can send me your information and I can pre-check it.

Standley Goodwin, fleet captain



The Date is Sunday 25, 2019 at Redd's Pond
The Registration fee Is $ 25 and is due at the Pond
Registration begins @ 9:00 with Racing Begins at 10:00.
Racing scheduled to end at 3:30
The NOR  & Registration info is attached.
Since The Registration fee etc is payable at the Event, It would be helpful to expedite the Registration Processs that you fcould bring your signed  registraion form and either a check or the correct cash  ($25) with you. Critical Info to be filled in is your Name, your boat Number, your AMYA Memebr # & your signature.
 Address & contact & other information is not needed if you have sailed with us before and has not changed, A Reminder that  to particiapte you must be a current  AMYA Member & your boat complies with the CR914 class rules, YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE AN MMYC MEMBER BUT WOULD BE GREAT IF YOU HAVE BEEN OR WANT TO JOIN AND NOT HAVE PAID YOUR 2019 DUES TO INCLUDE THEM AT THIS REGATTA. WE HAD A MAJOR EXPENSE IN THE POND TREATMENT AND COULD USE YOUR CONTRIBUTION.

Attachments area

Click here for NOR



I watched 914 Racing yesterday and saw that boats were pocking up strands of weed.  The algae is gone.  The pond has not yet been treated.  The Weed grows very fast.  Since treatment is expected soon I felt it prudent to move the M Region 1 to the next available date.which is July 7.

There will be no M Class Sailing this Sunday June 23 unless several members indicate they would like to chance it for a regular race..  The pond might be OK or it might be bad.  Its a gamble.  Let me know if you want to chance a regular 10 am race on next Sunday, the 23rd.

Standley Goodwin



The Marblehead Model Yacht Club is proud to host the 2019 CR 914 Region 1 regatta at Redd's Pond located in Marblehead, MA.

The NOR & Registration info is attached.
The Key Information for the event follows:
   Must Be 2019 AMYA Member which will

     be verified with AMYA

     Skipper must comply with CR914 Eligibilty Rqts. including boat

      Yachts must comply to the CR 914 Class Rules & may be Randomly Checked

      Membership to MMYC is not Required

Date June 30, 2019

Report Time and Check-In – 9:00 A.M 


Sunday Jine 30,2019

0930 – Skippers Meeting

1000 – Start for first race

1200 – Lunch will be provided at pond


1230 – Start for afternoon heat

1500 – Last race

1530 – AWARDS 1st thru 5th place



ENTRY FEE $25.00   Guests for lunch $10.Send Completed registration form and check made payable to Marblehead Model Yacht Club. Mail to: Craig Speck, 149 West Canton St. Boston , MA 02118. you can E mail committment to registration fee by sending copy of your registration form to  & then pay it at the regatta. Submission of commitment must be made by June 24th to allow time for verification of the Eligibilty reqts.

Entry Fee includes lunch, beverages, and awards.

Hope that you will be able to attend.

Craig Speck  Secretary & Treasurer , MMYC

Link to the NOR is on the "Racing Information" page.



The 2019 AMYA Marblehead 50/800 Region1  Championship Regatta will be put on by MMYA located at Redd's Pond in Marblehead, MA on 6/23/2019. 
For this year, there is no Registration fee required and because of half day schedule, there will be no lunch provided. 
The racing schedule & the requirements  for participation are below.
The NOR & registration form are attached.

Racing Schedule

Sunday, June 23rd, 2019 

   As this is a noon start & no Registration fees, participants must bring their own lunch this year.

    11:30 Check In

    12:15 Skippers Meeting

    12:30 Start of 1st Race

    03:30 EST end of Last Race

    Awards to follow

There are however 4 mandatory requirements that must be validated & complied with for this event. These are:

     1. You must be an AMYA 2019 member and have a valid membership for verification. 

     2. You must be a registered member of the AMYA Marblehead 50/800 class & your boat must have  a class sail number on the sails & the boat must comply with the class rules.

     3. This registration must be completed, Signed and sent in or handed in at the event as it will act as your confirmation of compliance to items 1 & 2 as well as with the  MMYC Corinthian Spirit below.

     4.Membership in MMYC is NOT REQUIRED

Registration form is to be completed before start of Racing. You can either send it by mail or E-mail copy of this registration form prior to racing start to Jack Woods or turn it in to The Race Director on the day of the Race.. 

      Jack Woods Info: email,


 There will be awards for the top 5 boats.




Members attending the annual meeting unanimously approved a motion by Commodore Biff Martin to allow the sailing of DF95 at Redd's Pond.

It was decided to have them participate on Sundays and Thursday evenings with the CR914 fleet.

A seperate start for each class will occur as well as the DF95 sailors being responsible to score their own races.



US VMYG VM & V36 Skippers + Local AMYA Skippers,

Redd's Pond Race Week: October 18-21

Pond is at high water depth with no algae or weeds evident to impede sailing. Virtually entire pond can be used by the respective RDs' for a competitive sailing area.  There is still time to register for our Race Week events via:

1) John Snow email ( or 978-594-8521 for VMYG V36 Nats (10/18), VMYG VM Nats (10/19) and the MMYC Bithell VM Cup Regatta (10/20 AM).

2) Biff Martin email ( or 978-828-9765 for the AMYA American M Region 1 Regatta (10/20 PM).

3) Craig Speck for the MMYC Chowder Race / Messenger Cup  (Oct 21) at ( or 617-650-2342. (Craig will also need your AMYA or VMYG boat design plus its size - under 40" or over 40" length.)

If contact by skippers NLT October 17 with RDs above, skippers can pay entry fee and verify their model designs at pond-side same day. In addition, AM Region 1 and Chowder Race regattas include US VMYG VM and V36 designs.


John Snow




The Annual Marblehead Model Yacht Club (MMYC)  Chowder Cup Regatta is being held on October 21, 2018 as the last event in the 2018 Race week schedule.

The Chowder  Cup is open to any AMYA class RC sailboats except the very large ones I.e. Wheelers, J boats etc.
The fleet is separated into 2 divisions ( under 40" & over 40" LOA).  Separate starts for the divisions are used. The under 40"  will start first &  race 3 races, then the over 40" division will start & race 3 races. This sequence will continue thru  the day.  Skippers my chose to race in both divisions for  the one registration fee.

 Registration is $25. Note the request in the NOR for your notification of attendance is due by October 17, 2018.  Fee can be paid on arrival at the pond.

An amended NOR for the regatta is attached for your reference.
Craig Speck 
Secretary Treasurer MMYC



Please use this corrected email for RED highlighted NOR Change involving addition of AMYA AM Region 1 Regatta plus an earlier period for our US VMYG Bithell VM Cup Regatta Saturday (10/20) during Race Week at Redd's Pond.

John Snow

We are adding 2018 American M (AM) Region 1 Championship on 10/20 Saturday PM as part of MMYC/US VMYG Race Week activity. Talking with Biff, we agreed to this as the MMYC make-up event for earlier 2018 AM Region 1 Regatta cancellation. Per NOR below, AM Regatta 12:45-4:15PM Saturday; Bithell VM Cup Regatta 8:15-11:45 AM.

I am also still eliciting volunteers for our Race Week's activities.

AMYA AM Region 1 Championship w/four M designs groupings for awards:

Traditional and High Flyer VMs

Classic Ms (earlier AMYA Ms)

Modern Ms (latest AMYA Ms)  

Pond Sign-up with $15 fee on Oct 20 to Biff Martin as RD.  

Reminder of your Race Week sign-up by Oct 17 plus VM Club Race (tune-up) next Saturday, Sep 22, as tune-up. Check MMYC Website as well.   ........   John

2018 Redd’s Pond Race Week NOR (October 18-21) Update 

(Changes in RED) 

US VMYG V36 Skippers National Championship 10/18

Check-In Thursday 9AM; Racing 9:30AM-Noon / 1:00-3:45PM 

US VMYG VM Skippers National Championship 10/19

Check-In Friday 9AM; Racing 9:30AM-Noon / 1:00-3:45PM 

MMYC 11th Bithell Cup VM Regatta 10/20 AM

Check-In Saturday 8:15AM; Racing 8:30-11:45AM

(Traditional & High Flyer VMs) 

AMYA Region 1 American M (AM) Championship 10/20 PM: 

Check-In Saturday 12:45PM; Racing 1:00-4:15PM

(Pond Sign-up & $15 Entry / VMs, Classic Ms & Modern Ms) 

Biff Martin RD @ 978-828-9765 &

AMYA/MMYC + V36/VMs Chowder Race Regatta 10/21

Check-In Sunday 8AM; Messenger Cup Racing 9:30–Noon / 12:30-3:00PM

(Over 40-Inch & Under 40-Inch Fleets)




From Standley Goodwin:

Because of Pond and weather conditions, we have only sailed the Duncan Dana Cup.  Now we can finally resume sailing.  Using currently available dates, I have made up a schedule.  It involves two Saturday afternoon races which are joint races with the American M.


Race 1.  April 22  Duncan Dana (Already Sailed)

Race 2.  Sept. 2 Chandler Hovey

Race 3   Sept. 8  Saturday afternoon 1;00, Joint with American M.

Race 4   Sept 16 M Class Region 1.  Sunday afternoon starting at noon.  Entry $15. No lunch, ( Fee will be collected at the Pond by Standley)

Race 5   Sept  30  Dexter Goodwin

Race 6   Oct  6  Saturday  afternoon 1:00.  Joint with American M.

Race 7   Oct  14  Roy Clough 



The M Class Region 1 Regatta will be sailed on Sunday September 16 starting at 12:00.  Sailing will continue to 3:30 or 4:00.  To minimize the entry fee,no lunch will be served.  It will also be counted in the M Class Season's Championship.

Note other race Dates

Updated NOR for reference attached. 

Craig Speck on Behalf of Standley Goodwin



"In the two weeks since we last sailed a severe algae problem has developed.  Even the 914's are having problems.  The pond is not currently raceable by modern M's.  As a result the Dexter Goodwin Cup race this Sunday is being postponed.  There will be no M Class Racing this Sunday.

The Dexter Goodwin Cup will be rescheduled in an open date after the algae condition has cleared.", from Stan Goodwin


"Pond Clean Up Successful" MMYC racing is on

Five hardy sailors worked to  get the marks in, trim brush etc along the walkway and get  the racing support materials ready for the start of the racing season tomorrow at 10:00 by the CR 914 class.

We now have a flag pole at the club house and will officially open the season with the club flag raising at 10:00 tomorrow.

Looks like weather will be okay .

Thanks to Tom Hayden, Jack Woods. Bill Hooper, Biff martin for their  time and effort.
Craig Speck, Secretary/Treasurer MMYC







A pond cleanup work party  has been Scheduled for Saturday, April 7th beginning at 10:00 AM;  Length of time depends on the number pf people that attend but estimated at 2 to 4 hrs.

The work entails raking, removal of trash, animal droppings, trimming of any plant growth that impedes use of the walking areas and paths, removal of  reachable trash in the pond, clean up and installation of the racing marks, getting the rescue boat cleaned and in position for use, Cleaning out the clubhouse area and organizing materials and equipment to support the racing which starts on the 8th, etc.

Since we all benefit from having the pond in good shape, we hope that you will come to the event for whatever time you can commit  in order to share the workload which will shorten the time for us all!
Should you be able to come, yard tools, Rakes, Brush and  branch/plant clippers, shovels, etc are needed. 

Please plan to attend and we look forward to getting the 2018 season Underway with a pond & surrounding area in a condition that we all can be proud of>

On Behalf of the Executive Committee & the MMYC Fleet Captains,  
 We Look forward to seeing you at the Pond on Saturday. April 7th at 10:00 AM ! 
Craig Speck
Secretary & Treasurer, MMYC



Click for Annual Meeting information



Commodore Biff Martin announces that the 2018 CR914 Nationals will be hosted by the Marblehead Model Yacht Club on August 24, 25, and 26.

This is a large undertaking as well as an opportunity to showcase our club. The club will need the help of many members to put on a first class regatta and welcomes input and ideas now, as the planning commences.



An American Marblehead Class web site has been established and it is in it's infancy.

There is now a live button for sailors to join the class

or sign up for a future newsletter, etc.  The regions where Marblehead are sailed will be able to send 

their content in to be posted.  The AMYA membership will be notified of the website in Biff’s next

class report in the magazine & more details to be provided.

Web site is:




The 2017 traditional fall Chowder Fest Regatta will take place on Sunday, October 22nd, 2017. starting with Skippers meeting at 9:15 AM witth races ending at 3:00 PM.

This event is open to all AMYA model classes except for the large size boats such as the J boat, Wheeler , etc. The fleet is divided into two fleets ( Under 40" & Over 40") for racing.  The Registration fee is $25 which includes  a lunch of Home Made Clam Chowder,  baked beans and franks, beverages and desert for lunch. Lunch for guests is an additional $10 each if desired.

This is a fun regatta and a great way to wrap up the season. For those of you who race Vintage Marblehead boats, the Annual Bickell Cup regatta is also being held the same weekend on Saturday. October 21st. A  separate NOR has been sent out by John Snow. Should you not have received that NOR, let me know and I will send you one via Email.

The Registration form for the Chowder Cup is Attached.
Craig Speck
Secretary/Treasurer  MMYC


All V36 & VM Skippers,

The US VMYG 2017 V36-VM National Championship Regatta venue has been changed to Redd's Pond in Marblehead given excessive weeds problem at Sandy Pond, Nashua. Event will still be held on July 14-16 weekend. Thus, it will now be co- sponsored by US VMYG and the Marblehead MYC, given full support from Commodore Biff Martin. We already have 10 skippers signed-up, with seven from outside New England. As such, we now need our local cadre of skippers to submit the attached NOR by July 12 which has been revised to reflect the Redd's Pond venue. 

Note: Redd's Pond has minimal weeds and is due to be treated shortly to address weeds for the next two-year period. 

For those having lodging reservations in Nashua area, the NOR has the Marblehead Chamber of Commerce website to assist in identifying Marblehead area accommodations. I also plan to send out hardcopy list of lodging establishments tomorrow after checking with the Chamber of Commerce office today.    

We look forward to seeing you in July and feel free to share the revised NOR with other modelers. This NOR will soon be posted on the following websites: www.facebook/MarbleheadModelYachtClub and

John Snow

V36/VM Regatta Director 






All V36 & VM Model Yacht Skippers,

US VMYG 2017 V36 - VM National Championship Regatta will be held July 14-16 at Sandy Pond in Nashua, NH. It is co- sponsored with US VMYG by the new Nashua MYC under lead of Rick Gates with pro-active support of the Nashua City Parks & Recreation Division. We do anticipate local excitement as first-ever MYC-hosted national model yachting event within the City. 

The NOR / Entry Package is attached having July 12 deadline for submission of skippers' entries.  Note pond has sandy bottom with wade-in launching and retrieval of racing models from an accessible and path-surrounded shoreline. Thus, please consider bringing extra pair of sneakers and socks or set of short waders. There will be lunches for participants on Saturday and Sunday.

We look forward to seeing you in July and feel free to share the NOR with other modelers. NOR will soon be posted on the following websites:  www.nashuamodelyachtclub and

John Snow

National Regatta Director 


NOR/Entry Package



Six members showed up to clear the pond of debris and to set the marks on Saturday.

At the end of the day the pond was race ready and also had new windward and leeward gates installed.

Thanks to Biff Martin, Jack Collins, Tom Hayden, Rick Gates, John Snow, and Jack Woods for showing up.



Subject: Pond Clean UP Work Party Rescheduled To Sunday April 2nd

Due to the weather forecast for Saturday and the significantly improved conditions for Sunday, The Pond Cleanup Activity is rescheduled to this Sunday April 2nd at 10:00 AM.
Volunteers are needed to work on the cleanup & installation of the Racing Marks, removal of trash in the pond, trimming and clean up of the areas along the walk and club house.

Hope that many of you can come as the more people that come, the quicker we can get ready for the start of this years racing next weekend.

Craig Speck & Biff MArtin



For all members and racers, it is time to clean up the pond and it's surroundings as well as to clean and install the racing buoys in prep for the April 9th 1st race for the CR914 class.
In order to complete this work, Volunteers are needed to help in the pond clean up.
If you have yard tools, shrub clippers or other appropriate tools, please bring them with you.
MMYC Redd's Pond Cleanup Work Party to ready the Pond for Racing
Saturday, April 1st, 2017
10:00 AM until ????

Please plan to participate if at all possible as the more hands we have,
the sooner the cleanup will be completed.

Craig Speck
Secretary Treasurer MMYC





VM Skippers


Attached is the NOR / Entry Form for our ninth annual "Bill Bithell" Memorial VM Cup Regatta at historic Redd's Pond in Marblehead, MA. It is Saturday on October 15; Skippers Meeting at 11:45AM with racing Noon to 3:30PM. There will be single fleet of both Traditional (1930-1945) and High Flyer (1946-1970) VM designs. They will be scored separately for awards to "top three" skippers in each design category.


Note: VM Club Race #7 is Saturday, October 8. It should be used as tune-up given full weekend of racing. October 15 is Bithell VM Cup followed by annual October 16 Chowder Race on Sunday, October 16, which includes VM models.


John Snow

Marblehead MYC

VM Fleet Captain


2016 Bill Bithell NOR/Entry Form




Subject: Common Situation Regarding Buoy Room in MMYC Racing Fleets

This Article from the July/August Sailing World is one of the best examples and easiest explanations of who would be DSQ'd that I have seen. The two Common Situations that occur at our mark roundings in the article occur frequently during our racing.
They are instructional and perhaps create a better understanding of the rules.

They did not mention the distance of the buoy Zone for entering the circle which turns on the buoy room reqts is 4 boat lengths for RC Racing as stated in Appendix E of the Us Sailing racing rules. 4 boat lengths does not sound like much but in order to visualize it better, for a Marblehead 50/800, that is 200 inches or 16,7 Feet, ( about the length of many of the mnivans of today)
Much longer than many of us naturally think.

I am putting this out as many of our club members may be sailing in some of the upcoming major regattas at either our club or other clubs and due to the close racing, who has or doesn't have buoy room will frequently arrise.

WIshing you all good sailing as we enter the latter portion of our season.

Craig Speck
Secretary Treasure, MMYC

Sailing World Buoy Room pg. 1

Sailing World Buoy Room pg. 2





Save the Dates Regatta events for all classes

Seems like the season is flying by as August is almost here. This is a listing of events both at MMYC as well as at other nearby locations for boat classes that are sailed by MMYC . This is provided for possible planning and participating by our members and for other club members who support our events.

For all CR914 racers, Please note the National Championship Date has changed from OCT dates as shown on Our published race schedule. It is now scheduled for September 17-18 at Queenstown, MD.

Regatta and Championships August to November 2016

Aug. 5-7
EC-12 & J’s Mystic Race week
Mystic, CT
Sep. 3*
EC-12 Minuteman Interclub Race
MMYC vs Minuteman
Needham, MA
Sep. 10
CR914 Region One Championship Regatta
Dry Pants Model Yacht Club
Deep River , CT
Sep 10-11
EC- 12 Tilighman Island regatta
Sep 17-18
CR 914 Nationals
Queenstown. MD
Sep 23- 25
VM & VM-HF Nationals
Spring Lake, NJ
Oct 15
VM & VM-HF Bill Bithell Cup
MMYC, Marblehead, MA
Oct 16
All Classes ( under 40’ and over40”) Chowder Cup
MMYC, Marblehead, MA

For the EC-12 class, we need at least 4 boats form our club to participate in this as 4 members from Minuteman attended the event at Marblehead.
This is an opportunity to keep EC-12 class healthy at both clubs.





American M 2016 National Championship Regatta NOR and Sailing Instructions

Special Notice To: ALL American M Class Registered Members
As the founding initial members of the American M Class, we thank you for your support to make this class a reality.

Marblehead Model Yacht Club is pleased to Announce the 2016 AMYA American M Class National Championship Regatta. The event is being held at Historic Redd's Pond (The birthplace of the Marblehead 50/800 class) which is located in Marblehead, MA.

This is the second year for the AMYA American M class which is designed to promote the racing of ALL Marblehead 50/800 models from the Vintage M's to today's versions. Participants must be Current AMYA members but do not need to be a registered member of the class. The class Membership cost is one time fee of $7 to register boats and we encourage boat owners to join as there is strength in number of members for AMYA Recognition.

There are four defined divisions with Awards for this Regatta which are:
Traditional M ( Vintage M) 1st and 2nd Place
High Flyer ( Vintage M-HF) 1st and 2nd Place
Classic ( Marbleheads designed after 1980 until 1995) 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places
International M (boats designed after 1995) but must comply to class minimum hull weight and maximum draft reqts. in the American M class rules on the AMYA website.
1st and 2nd place

There is not an award for the overall fleet winner as the intent of this class is to encourage the sailing of all Marblehead 50/800 boats.
At the conclusion of the racing, Awards for each of the four divisions will made based on the
total points for only the boats in that division.
The NOR and Registration Information is attached with key info summarized below

Friday June 24th
Free sail Practice
12:00 to 3:30 PM
Saturday June 25th
8:30 AM to 9:15 AM check in
9:30 AM Skippers Meeting
10:00 AM Start for first Race
12:00 PM Lunch at Pond
12:45 PM Start for Afternoon Races
3:00 PM Last Race
Sunday June 26th
9:30 AM Skippers Meeting
10:00 AM Start for First Race
12:00 PM Lunch at Pond
12:45 PM Start for Afternoon Races
3:00 PM Last Race
3:15 PM Awards
Registration information is on the attached NOR.
Please note that entries are limited to 20 boats so if you are planning to come,it would be wise to register early. You may confirm your attendance by e-mail to either John Skerry or Craig Speck . Then send in your registration form with payment as shown on the NOR to address indicated in the NOR. Please be sure to incorporate your sail number and boat design if you know it on the form.

Look forward to seeing many of you at this event.

Craig Speck
Secretary & Treasurer




Subject: Thursday Nights Sailing is Back

Norm LeBlanc and others are organizing as opportunity for Thursday night practice racing and tune up for those who are interested.
His note is below. If you are inteterested and plan to attend,please let Norm or Biff know via e-mail or phone.
Contact Info:
Biff Martin, 978-828 -9765
Norm LeBLanc 617-834-7560

You can also reply to this message to show your interest and I will forward to above. However, forwarding may not occur in timely fashion as I don't monitor this e-mail automatically.

Norm's message follows:

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Norm LeBlanc <>
Date: Fri, Apr 29, 2016 at 12:04 PM


Craig, I met with Biff this am, Thursday nite sailing for all new comers, including myself for learning and rigging tricks. I will show weather pending Thursday night and hopefully others will come to teach/train new and potential sailors to our group.

Kindly post,



Subject: Central Park Model Yacht Centennial Celebration event Photos

Photos taken by Jim Flach at the April 23rd event have been posted to his website.


They are excellent and fun to look at . The event was well attended and the photos of the variety of boats from the past are remarkable.


Craig Speck


PS: Our club Member Andy Abrahamson attended the event and has taken photos as well and will be posted on his website in the near future



Subject: Revison #9 of MMYC Racing Calendar to Reflect Rescheduled EC-12 Race #1

Calendar is attached.
Porta Potty has Arrived
April 30th, EC-12 Newport Regatta at Newport, RI

Next Club Race 5/1 Dexter Goodwin MArblehead M50/800
Additional Races in May
May 8 CR914 Red Robin #1
May 14 American # 2
May 15 Red Robin # 4
May 21 Vintage M # 2
May 22 American M Region 1 Championship
May 28 EC-12 Inter-Club Minuteman Series # 1
May 29 CR914 Red Robin # 5 (Series End Must have sailed 3 of 5 races for series Award Consideration

Craig Speck
Secretary Treasurer



There was a good turnout for the work party and much was accomplished. A tremendous amount of growth along the path was cut back and disposed of.

All the marks are now in place and ready for racing to begin.




Subject: MMYC Pre the Racing Season Start Clean up Event Followup Sat March 26, 10:00 AM

There has been response to prior e-mail about the need for assistance in getting the Pond, the racing buoys, tand the grounds that we all use when racing ready for the beginning of the Season that a work party event has been scheduled for this Saturday, the 26th of March at 10:00 AM.

A big turnout will make it easier for everyone. The main goals are to clean up the winter detritus and trim up the sidewalk areas, benches, trees and brush as required and to prep and install the racing marks etc.
We will need small branch and med brush clippers, weed cutters, trash bags, cleaning/scraping materials for the buoys as well as booms etc and it would be great if you are coming and have any of these to bring them with you.

We hope you can come as it is an opportunity to get the club up and running for the season while renewing your contact with other members.

Look forward to seeing you

Craig Speck




Subject: Racing Season Begins in 14 Days Help is urgently Required

The 2016 Racing Season begins on Sunday April 3rd with the 1st race for CR914 class.
In order to start racing there is a variety of things that must be prepared prior to the first race day.
As the MMYC is a volunteer based organization, the success of it is dependent on member participation not only by racing but also by contributing time to assist in the work needed to maintain and prepare the club for the upcoming season.
Help is urgently needed to get the race buoys checked out, cleaned and installed in the pond. As preparing and running the race events is the responsibility of the fleet captains, we need one of them ( not the executive committee) to organize and obtain the resources to clean, prep and install the racing marks in the pond before the 1st race of the season. In addition the rowboat must be cleaned and made ready for use to install the buoys. Please contact your fleet captain or one of the contacts below, to volunteer for this first urgent need.
As the season progresses there is an expectation that all members consider contributing time to assist in the activities to maintain the facilities (Cleaning and trimming the walkways, boat, clubhouse), to run or score club race days , to assist in the running ( including scoring, course monitoring if needed, etc) of the major events including the non race activities such as breakfast, lunch, beverages, dinner location if needed, setup for the event as required.

There is an aggressive race schedule this year with several open events where people come form other clubs and locations. For the club to be successful and provide the level an frequency of our events, we need every member involved in the operation of the club.

EC12 Rick Gates
VIntage Marblehead John Snow
Marblehead 50/800 Standley Goodwin
American Marblehead Biff MArtin*
CR 914 Biff MArtin*
J Class Biff Martin*
* Biff is not available for this first need due to other commitments

Looking forward to a successful year.
The Executive Committee




Thursday Night Sailing!



Biff reports that the pond is 3/4 clear of ice, just a scim layer.

He and Standley think there will be early March sailing.




The annual meeting for the Marblehead Model Yacht Club will be held on Saturday the 16th at 1:00 pm.

It will be held in the downstairs conference room of the Marblehead Library.

The address is:

235 Pleasant Street

Marblehead, MA 01945

Phone: 781-631-1481

If you have any thoughts for the agenda please contact Biff Martin at or at 978-828-9765



03/14/2015 At the annual meeting of the MMYC all the proposed changes to the club's By-Laws were accepted with some changes to the wording. Once the revised By-Laws are received they will be posted on this site for all to review.

2015 Bylaws

Also approved by those in attendence was the unanimous acceptance of a small historic building to be used as a clubhouse. The 12X12 foot structure was once situated near Devereaux Beach in Marblehead and was one of many used as a summer getaway. It is one of only a few remaining. The club allocated a modest amount of money to put into the structure and volunteers will be needed to get it ready.

More details and pictures will follow as this project evolves.


03/18/2015 John Skerry forwarded a link from Ray Seta (AMYA President) of the 2015 IRSA Radio Sailing Case Book, see link below:


03/29/2015 CR 914 "Red Robin #1" was not sailed due to the pond still being fully iced over.

04/12/2015 Race results

Race results can be accessed by clicking on "Racing Information" on the home page. At the bottom of the left side under "Racing Results" the classes sailed will be listed and after clicking each you will go to the page/s.

Eventually it would be nice to have pictures, videos and more details for each days races. Bring a spouse, friend or offspring and have them take some pics!

05/13/2015 David Creed forwarded me a couple of pictures of his new Marblehead "Carbon Cracker." Dave is a good source for fins, rudders, and ballast.


06/08/2015: "Marblehead Model Yacht Club is hosting the Region 1 Championships regatta on Sunday, June 28, 2015. It looks like we will be having several boats from Dry Pants Yacht Club as well as potentionally from some other clubs. In preparing for the regatta, we need to get indications from you if you are going to attend as early as possible. The Notice of Race including the registration form is attached.

The fee for the regatta is $25 which includes lunch, beverages and awards.

Look forward to seeing you at the regatta."

Craig Speck for Biff Martin, Class Fleet Captain