Membership Information

You are invited to join the Marblehead Model Yacht Club. Click here to Downd Membership Application and Renewal Form

The key to an effective sailing and racing program is a strong organization to manage the activities. That is the role of the club. Some of the club's tasks are:

  • Provide an environment that assures that the sport is fun and rewarding for all members

  • Provide an environment that develops the competitive skills of our skippers

  • Establish racing schedules

  • Organize and host regattas

  • Assure that the venue, Redd's Pond, is maintained to provide good sailing

  • Install and maintain racing marks to define racecourses

  • Organize an annual awards banquet as a season ending celebration

  • Provide support and encouragement for new members

  • Promote the sport to assure healthy growth of the sport

Voluntary Contribution: Help preserve the sport of model sailing at Redd's Pond. The club's largest expense is control of Redd's aquatic grass. Racing is impossible when boats are fouled by grass. Please consider a contribution towards this expense. Contributions will be accounted separately from dues and will be used only for Redd's.


Send contribution to club secretary and make check payavle to: "Marblehead Model Yacht Club"


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