MMYC Formation and Racing

Recognizing this heightened interest, adult model yachtsmen met at the local YMCA on September 22, 1925 to establish their own group devoted to racing - the MMYC. The purpose of this new club was, and still is, to design, build and race model yachts and to promote a spirit of sportsmanship and fair play. Mr. Duncan Dana served as the first Commodore, 1925 to 1927, and was, like many members, from the ranks of the large boat community.

The MMYC had several sizes of displacement and scow models for its initial 1926 season, with the 30-Inch Class of Marconi rigged boats proving most popular. In 1927, L. Francis Herreshoff, a noted naval architect and Marblehead resident, joined the club. He was the designer of many swift full-scale racing craft from dinghies to an America's Cup J Boat. He also was known for his unique models; namely, a class with just one design limit of 450 square inches of sail - the 450 Sail Area Class. These craft ranged to 45 inches long and took many design forms.

The club became a formal organization with parliamentary rules upon its incorporation in 1933 under Commodore Fred Woods and attaining 80 members. Several club stalwarts, Dexter Goodwin, Dan Manning and Bill Hoeg, then kept the MMYC active through the lean sailing years of World War II. The MMYC instituted (and maintains) a sailing season from March to November having a mix of club racing and invitational regattas. Pond racing rules were used at Redd's Pond, with some 1930s races held at Little Harbor using rowing skiffs.

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